Please recommed a nail top coat

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win Posts: 183
Need to purchase a new one, as the current one I have been using (red bottle Sally Hansen) has got thick only half way down bottle. I didnt think it was that great, nails chipped after day or two. Can anyone recommed one. Thanks.
I Dream in Disney Posts: 1592
Seche Vite is my go-to top coat. If you don't paint your nails very regularly (like, every few days) then you should also get the watery-down stuff that they do. Every month or so, add a few drops to stop the polish from thickening. It's not nail polish remover so you don't think you can use that instead!
win Posts: 183
Thanks for the recommedation, I check this out.
mrsmoo2202 Posts: 1930
Check out the Essie ones also, boots now do the whole range, love their products.
MissLeonard Posts: 13
Nails Inc have by far the best top coat, base coat and cuticle oil that I've ever used. They had a set recently in Brown Thomas that had all 3 in it. Their strengtheners are really good too. Im growing my own nails for my wedding next year and used to be a biter but honestly you'd never know :eek