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preghopes Posts: 468
Hi Me and hubby had great news last sat. Period late by a day. Done First response test and positive. Done a clear blue and said Pregnant 1-2. Wss soooo excited about this! But today I am having very bad period like cramps and bleeding quite heavy. I left work and went to the doctor and he said it could be an early miscarriage but it could turn out fine. I am at home and still bleeeding heavy. I know myself its not looking good but please say a prayer that it might still be ok. feeling very emotional about it :o(
TAZ DEVIL Posts: 1706
i will say a prayer of course, i went through this twice this year, its horrible sitting and waiting. maybe do a hpt tomorrow to see where you stand? take it easy xx
Ochre Posts: 877
:action32 you poor thing. Take it really really easy, feet up and mind yourself.
brightling Posts: 1496
You poor thing, will say a prayer everything works out for you. Is your DH home with you? Has your GP arranged for you to be seen at the Early Pregnancy Unit? Thinking of you, pet. :action32
lellikelly Posts: 891
Saying a prayer for you, are you been sent to the epu for a scan to see whats going on?
CrappityCrap Posts: 1468
Hi pet really hope it all turns out ok for you. :action32
Mrs Summer Posts: 5040
Prayer said, hopefully it works out for you both :xxx
Temperance Posts: 165
Thinking of you - get plenty of rest and hopefully tomorrow will be a better day. x :action32
mrsbf08 Posts: 164
Get plenty of rest, will say a lil prayer for you and you lil bean x
preghopes Posts: 468
Thanks so much crying hear reading your lovely replys. Once I start I just cant stop! Period was due last thurs / fri. And cycles always 28 days. |So going by that Im 4.5 weeks gone would that be right? (first day of last period was on 29th Oct). He rang that early pregnancy assessment unit and they said that if I go for scan they prob wont see anything anyway as its so early. He said it would prob be another 3 weeks before anything shows up. I honestly dont know how I am going to wait. I know this happens so often but it really doesnt make you feel much better.