please show me your "designer" wedding shoes

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handtwins Posts: 866
I am hoping to buy my shoes in the next few months and although I have a few ideas already myself, I was hoping you could show me what you have or are planning to go for, just incase there are some nice styles I haven't considered :thnk
MrsAH Posts: 3715
Edited These are mine :lvs :lvs :lvs :lvs They are safely tucked away in my parents.
ElmosWife Posts: 348
There's a thread already on here called "show me your shoes" - they mightn't be "DESIGNER" but who will know or care if they're not.Mine arent but love them anyway.
african violet Posts: 130
MrsAH I love love love your shoes! they are fab :heartbeat: These are my designer shoes! They are by Kurt Geiger so not a huge designer but to be honest its coz I love them not coz of the designer and luckily I got them half price! I actually had bought another pair for the wedding first but these are the ones I said I'd go for in the end! these are the shoes I'm going with :lvs [attachment=1:1if2ipb1]my pink wedding shoes.jpg[/attachment:1if2ipb1] this is the first pair I bought *) [attachment=0:1if2ipb1]my grey wedding shoes.jpg[/attachment:1if2ipb1]
hattiedee Posts: 358
These are mine. They're designed by Rachel Simpson who does gorgeous vintage style shoes, does that count??!! Was going to go down the designer route myself but was unsatisfied with all I saw at the time.. BT's selection was a major let down.. I also got a pair of comfy bright pink Irregular Choice heels for the reception >:o) H2B knows what I'm like about shoes so thinks this is hilarious (thankfully!!!) I started a 'Show us your shoes' thread a few months ago for inspiration and it really helped so best of luck!
havemovedon Posts: 2013
I wore Gina Campari sandals. I've worn them a few times since the wedding too, they go with everything. Pic doesn't do them justice, they're seriously sparkly! [img:2vcma8ap][/img:2vcma8ap]
handtwins Posts: 866
Girls all your shoes are fab :lvs What I love most is that you have all chosen unusual yet versatile styles, not typical bridal shoes, and ones that you can def wear again. Thats exactly what I'm looking for too :thnk
excitedredhead Posts: 89
These are mine! I :lvs :lvs :lvs :lvs :lvs :lvs them!!! [url:3ur0plam][/url:3ur0plam] Hope this link works! African Violet your shoes are fab!!
african violet Posts: 130
Thanks a mill excitedredhead! I love your shoes too! you totally cant go wrong with carries bradshaws shoes! Devine :lvs
BipsyBoo Posts: 1534
I bought a pair of Irregular Choice but I'm going to get a pair of custom made Emmy shoes when I go to London in January. :o)ll :o)ll