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Baby bop Posts: 662
Im in an awful way and im finding it hard to keep my hands from shaking as i write this, i've being getting bad pains for 2 weeks and i rang the Coombe to see what the results of my test are she said that i have Group B Streptococcus it can harm the baby in delivery and i'll need to go on storng medication on the onset of labour to stop any harm coming to my baby. Can some please shed some light as to what Group B Streptococcus is and if they went through labour with it.
Poppit Posts: 2042
Oh Babybop, dont worry pet, loads of women get this. The antibiotics will clear it up. I had never heard of it before but there have been a few discussions on here lately about it. I'll look and post link :xxx
Poppit Posts: 2042 ... ight=strep There are quite a few posts on this. If you put strep B into the search bar, you'll find plenty more. Some of the girls have recently been told they have it.
heartbeat Posts: 26
Babybop, I can't help you I'm afraid as I don't know anything about this, just hope someone is able to shed some light. One thing though, if they say it's dangerous during labour, would they give you a Caesarean maybe so that you'd avoid labour, and so avoid the danger?
Baby bop Posts: 662
Thanks girls im just in an awful way, my sister in law emailed me some information on it and my other sister in law was saying they might give you a Caesarean, they want me to come in now, but im going to wait until the traffic eases because im still getting pains its dangerous as this could be happening, in rare cases Group B Strep or GBS may cause bladder or womb infections in a pregnant mother. It can infect the fetus before or during the birth process, though infection is rare. They just want to be on the safe side that it doesent. Im just so annoyed because i've being on to the Hospital a number of times and nobody gave me any answers and i refused to get off the phone today until i was told what was going on as i had myself driving up the walls with worry.
Poppit Posts: 2042
Oh Babybop, am thinking of you. You must be worried sick. Let us know how you get on. positive thoughts tho. They always give worse case scenarios, would frighten the crap out of anyone :xxx I wonder is it a bladder infection you have so? They might put you on antibiotics now to ease the strep infection and then more when you go into labour. I think its a bacterial infection that effects 1 in 5 women.
silíní Posts: 4219
babybop please don't worry, you are getting very anxious, but this is something that is found in 1 in 5 women approximately. I have this and the main thing about strep b is to know in advance that you have it! Now that you know they will give u IV antibiotics when you're in labour and everything will be fine. Strep B is only problematic when women don't know they have it. I know lots of girls who have had this and had happy healthy babies. As some of the other posters said there are a few threads on this, both on this website and on roller coaster... If you are worried speak to your midwife but please do not be scared.... The midwives won't bat an eyelid as so many women have this...... S
bree Posts: 1880
hi babybop, i really feel for you . try not to worry yourself too much. i had a few bleeds while pregnant & during a routine test it showed i had strep B ( think i was about 34 wks by the time i found out ) Dr put me on antibiotics & when i went into labour i was given large dose of penicilin tru I.V ... my little girl is fine thankfully & im now pregnant again tho im unsure if im carry Strep B this time.. i think sometimes u can carry it at the start but from 30wks on its important to be treated in case u go into labout ( as this is whenit becomes dangerous for your baby ) how r u otherwise???
pricilla Posts: 1564
Baby Bop, that is just awful that they didn't give you any information and just frightened you! [b:v2plfbvq]PLEASE STOP WORRYING![/b:v2plfbvq] It's really common! All the mother and baby magazines have articles about it. Please don't worry, years ago it was dangerous because they didn't routinely test women for it. Now they give you antibiotics when you go into labour and give it to the baby as soon as it's born (I think). [u:v2plfbvq]At least they are aware you have it[/u:v2plfbvq]. Good luck with the hospital, I hope they re-assure you a bit you poor thing.
Baby bop Posts: 662
Thanks girls im feeling a bit getter than i did about an hour ago, Bree i've being gettting alot of lower abdomen pain especially the past 2 weeks, thats why they want me to head down tonight just to be checked and make sure everythings ok, so when i heard i had Group Strep B i was in a panic and didnt know anything about it and thought ok is this why im getting pains, they wouldnt tell me anything over the phone about it and said they'll explain everything when i come in.