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mariac Posts: 982
Hi I am desperately asking everyone to support the - Kerry Group workers. Kerry group is a dairy product multinational billion euro making company and they have just reached a new low. They are forcing compulsory redundancies upon 12 of their long time drivers in order to contract out the work. The drivers based mostly in kerry are dedicated longtime hardworking employees - often working 6 days a week, and over 10 hours a day. The drivers have now been on strike for a few days, in this cold weather. The union SIPTU have proved useless and have systematically set out to hinder the progress of the strike. They haven't even bothered to contact the media, so I am trying to raise public awareness via the internet. The company kerry goup does not care and remain arrogant. If this story disgusts you and you want to show your support for these fellow workers & you might even bycott Kerry Group products please put your thoughts on email to; Frank Hayes [email protected] would you mind posting a comment if you have done so Many thanks
chefmaid Posts: 2426
surprised this hasn't made the news... O:| O:|
mini mama Posts: 834
That is outrageous...i cant belive they are being so should ring gerry ryan and get some air time...i have heard nothing about this on the news and especially where compulsory redundancis are beng imposed.... O:|
mariac Posts: 982
thanks for your comments girls - posted the same on - and removed the post after 5 mins because of the abuse i got would you mind asking everyone you know to email the company. please - desperately trying to raise awareness here did you get a chance to email? would love to know thanks :wv
rockstar Posts: 1815
thats outrageous :eek
Miah Posts: 2738
People seem to be under the impression nowadays that striking is wrong. I cannot understand that mentality. I really, really hope that the 12 drivers get the much needed support. Why don't you email the RTE newsdesk about it, get some media coverage?
25/07/09 Posts: 472
is this the strike in charleville, saw them there for the last few days but had no idea what they were striking for?