Please tell me i'll feel better in 2nd trimester!!!!!!!!

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silíní Posts: 4219
HI guys So sick with MS, total nightmare... Can u ladies further along in the pregnancy path please reassure me that the 2nd trimester will be better???!! My mom says you just wake up one morning and feel great for the 2nd trimester but I'm afraid her memory may not be quite accurate as it was over 30 years ago!!!!!! I need some light at the end of the tunnel!! I'm 9+1 now (ticker wrong as usual) S
notlongtogo Posts: 5040
God love you, i found MS so hard to deal with, it really makes you miserable. Unfortunately i had it until 16 weeks even thought everyone said id magically wake up on the morning of the 12th week and it would be gone. Now this does happen some people but be prepared for it to take longer. Try all the usual remedies - ginger ale/biscuits, travel sickness bands (worked well for me),ice cold coke,crackers, Vit B6, etc and hopefully one of them will ease it. One regret i had was not ordering the preggie pops online, i kept thinking sure it will be gone in a week or 2, i never thought id have it until week 16. Now as for the second trimester, i did feel much better once the sickness went. Now i have more aches and pains but they are a lot easier to deal with. Personally id take pain anyday over nausea so i defo do feel better now. Remember every pregnancy is different so you could easily wake up in 3 weeks time and feel fantastic for a few months but id say be prepared to always have some "complaint", i dont think many of us have even a week go by where something is not happening to us. I hope i dont sound negative, like i said i can take anything bar the nausea so i really feel your pain. I hope it goes soon.
lambnose Posts: 915
For me last time I actually did wake up the morning of the 13th week and it was magically gone. I danced a jig I was so happy!! This time it is way worse and I am hoping it will stop around the 13th week again. There is only so much dry retching you can do in a day! :hic Mines seems to hit a peak after lunch time and I have to grab DD and we cuddle on the bed until it subsides a bit. Digestives are working for me as well as spuds and pasta. Taytos are good too! :wv
jellybaby Posts: 2316
I'm afraid to say it lasted til 18 weeks for me, and by the time the MS stopped I had so many other problems I'd have swapped them for the MS back :o0! But as the other girls said, every pregnancy is different - you could wake up tomorrow feeling great. And honestly, while it's awful at the time, you quickly forget how bad it was once you get past it. Hope you feel better soon...
Mrs Mai Posts: 763
I really really sympathise with you. I felt so sick for my first 13 weeks. This is my second, first time around I felt sick pretty much all day from about week 6 until week 12. neither time did I just wake up feeling wonderful but I got gradually better over the course of about 2 weeks. Whatever aches and pains I have now I just remind myself that none of it is as bad as that sick feeling so I suppose there is an up side! Try to tell yourself that it won't last for ever and be kind to yourself - it's not easy but so worth it in the end!
silíní Posts: 4219
Thanks guys, i think am just hoping for a miracle! Am boring myself and everybody else as i feel so miserable! Where can i order the preggie pops?? Will try anything! S
Delish Posts: 4176
Hey SILINI, if it's any consolation I feel an awful lot better, I was going bananas with the ms, was looking so miserable as it was combined with no energy, I really found sparkling water helped. I hope I'm not speaking too soon, for the last 5 days or so it has really eased off, still get a bit neaseus after eating but it is not crippling. Am finding chocolate is making me feel sick. Am trying to eat small amounts often and nothing too heavy. We are nearly over the first hurdle - bring on trimester 2!!!!!!
little mrs sunshine Posts: 5523
Hi silíní, I know how you feel and while your in the midst of it you feel it's never going to end. My ms started at 5.5 weeks and ended around end of week 14 I was very sick. Every time I ate I puked. GP weighed me at 16 weeks and I was still down 11lbs than I was 8 weeks previous to that. All in all think I lost a stone. I found weekends I slept a lot and didn't go to many places cos I felt so bad. I have to say though since week 15 I have felt brilliant. I am a new woman. I don't get sick or feel sick anymore. I can eat happily and look forward to eating now. It will stop one day for you. No one can tell you when. I just used to count each day as a bonus. I am back walking now and started yoga last week. The difference I feel is unreal and I look so much better. It will change for you. Good news is, I know how sick I was but to be honest it all feels like a distant dream now.
silíní Posts: 4219
Thanks so much ladies, it gives me a bit of hope. TBH i havent been feeling as nauesous the last few days, but my tummy still feels very upset and i need to eat a bit at least every hour or i feel desperate. Sparkling water def helps. The worst thing at the mo is the lack of energy, i can literally do absolutely nothing, thank god i'm off work at the moment. I rang the VHI midwife and she said to try to drink at least 2 litres of water a day and that should help a lot with the tiredness so i'm really trying but it's difficult! Your replies have really helped, t hanks so much, ROLL ON 2nd TRIMESTER, you said it! S
notlongtogo Posts: 5040
[quote="silíní":29oa76yh]Thanks guys, i think am just hoping for a miracle! Am boring myself and everybody else as i feel so miserable! Where can i order the preggie pops?? Will try anything! S[/quote:29oa76yh] Try this website for the preggie pops.