Pliko travel systems.... sooooo confusing!!

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Woodstock Posts: 1565
Hi girls, well as you might have seen from the 'which color' post, hubby and I have been looking at this system on It's a 'pliko p3 modular system trifix' and it comes in lots of colors (thank you all for the feedback btw!) [img:19rysqfk][/img:19rysqfk] We know that M&P stocks plikos so we went over last night to have a look and get a general feel for them before ordering it off bimbomarket. My God, I left more confused than I was before going in!! They showed us: - the Pliko P3 - the Pliko Switch - the Pliko Pramette - the Pliko P3 Combination Anyone there that has bought a pliko or that is looking at one?? This is what i understood so far - please correct me if i'm wrong.. They have the P3 on offer, which seems to be very flimsey.. the baby lies on a slope and the girl said you'd have to put on a sheet or a blanket below the lining for the baby to lie flat (all straps are at the bottom and cannot be removed), that it was originally just a buggy and it has now been adapted as a combined system. Seems to be the bottom range of the plikos! M&P are looking for €241 i think for the system + bag + footmuff (car seat is extra) Then she showed us the Pliko Switch, where you lift off the carrycot/pram/car seat part altogether so the baby can face you or it can face forward.. when you lift it up the chassis is there on its own. The Pliko P3 Combination has a huge carricot my husband is afraid i'd fall into it :o0 and looks heavy but i prefer this to the others.. The Pliko Pramette seems to be 'in between' and hubby liked it the most.. Now.. looking back on bimbomarket, the system i've been looking at (the large pic above!) seems to be, in fact, the Combination one (as opposed to the P3 basic one) as it has a large carrycot and not a 'lining' - can anyone conferm it is, in fact, the same as the Combination? Can anyone help me please? Thank you, thank you, thank you!! :thnk :thnk :thnk
bam bam Posts: 1756
Hey woodstock After much deliberation and research we went with the Pliko Switch. I was going between the pramette and the switch. Resons why I went for switch - I didn't want a separtate carry cot and buggy so like the fact its all in one, saves space. You will only have the baby in the carry cot part for the first 3-5 months then babs will want to sit a little but I felt they were still to young to have them facing away from you so wanted one that could face me when still small but can face other way when they get bored of looking at mammy :o0 Its quite light and easy to fold up. You can use the chaise on its own when using the car seat, handy for quick shopping trips. Basically it had everything I wanted. Resons why I didn't go for pramette (which I loved!!) - can't face you in buggy, for the first few months, every time you want to put the car seat onto the pram you have to unzip the pram part into the buggy mode in order to put the car seat on, figured although its easy to do, would do my head in after a few times of having to do this. Also it does slant a little but sure as ya said you can put a blanket on one end to up the baby a little. Like you I found the P3 flimsy and not that comfy looking. I also contemplated buying the P3 modular system trifix from bimbomarket, but again didn't want a separate carry cot and buggy, but I did meet a couple while we were looking at the prams and they had bought this system and found it great. Luckily they were nice enough to tell me this after being stopped by a complete random person asking them about their pram :o0 So anyways, we ended up getting a great deal on the switch in Murphy's prams in Rathcoole who stock mamas and papas, unfortunately i think the sale is over. They were basically selling the switch for €575 with everything included, car seat, umbrella, footmuff, and changing bag so it was a great price. Mamas and papas had this deal originally when we first started looking but they were sold out so we had felt it was too expensive to buy but then turned out Murphys had the same deal. It was based on a design that was going out of stock. May be worth giving them a ring and maybe if they still had them in stock they might give you the deal but I think its two weeks since it ended. Wasn't the design I would've picked if I had the choice but we saved nearly €400 and got the system I really wanted and it is lovely. Hopefully that helps you somewhat, just realised how much i've written :eek apologies *) Best of luck chic