Plum Bridesmaid Dresses ? Colour footwear ??

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wifey baby Posts: 39
Hey there, Dilema - I have 4 gorgeous bridesmaids wearing deepest plum, and the girls are all very dark skinned and dark hair but Im unsure of Silver or Gold for colour footwear = what do ye think ?? I think maybe the silver can look cheap ?????? *)
lmvins Posts: 48
my bridesmaids are wearing plum/aubergine colour with platinum colour shoes, kind of a dark grey/silver, avoids the cheap look some silver shoes can have.
pluppy Posts: 3519
my bridesmaid was kinda plum/dark red, she wore black shoes, went very well
wowee Posts: 1596
I think an antique gold / bronze could look good or a dark silver... *)
wollie Posts: 86
A dark silver sandal would be lovely. They have lovely sandals with diamonds on them (they are quite subtle not 'bling bling') in Next & Barretts as well I think.
mcd08 Posts: 425
Sorry to be random but never heard of plum dresses and it sounds gorgeous! I think dark silver sandals would be nice - hope you got sorted.
MMDC Posts: 57
Hi there My bridesmaids are wearing deep plum too and i got the exact same colour high heel shoe in a shop in Donaghmede shopping centre Dublin. He has loads of different colours, perfect for wedding shoes. Was gonna buy the same for myself in Ivory. They are lovely.
noddy Posts: 666
[quote="wowee":3dz90m3x]I think an antique gold / bronze could look good or a dark silver... *)[/quote:3dz90m3x] Ya was thinking bronze or gold coloured shoes, sounds like a lovely colour by the way...... any pics??
cathald Posts: 21
I'd go with wollies suggestion, dark silver sandal you be good.