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Sunnyshine Posts: 753
I'm not especially large in the boob area (I'm a B cup) and am looking for a plunge bra for a bit of oomph. I tried a couple on the other day and they did absolutely nothing for me - just sat on me and neither lifted nor plunged. I was hoping they would get pushed together and up - IYKWIM. I just want something to push them up so I have some kind of shape. But.. don't really want one of the ones with the gel on the side 'cos your boobs get quite sore afterwards. Maybe implants are the way to go... :o0
dec2008 Posts: 95
I'm a B cup too and usually have to go for the bras with the padding the the sides for the bit of umph!! Maybe try chicken fillets?? Or howabout taking out the padding you might get the same effect I don't like the padded bras either - -they can look fairly unnatural, but everyone is different - shapes and sizes!!
WinterGal Posts: 835
Try the Per Amore range in Dunnes, I find them fantastic. They definitely work!! €25 but worth it in my opinion. Make sure you try on a few different designs though as some give a better shape than others.
mad woman Posts: 22106
have you tried a balconette bra instead? instead of pushing them together it will push them up.
emma1980 Posts: 2219
intimate lingerie do a bra service aswell, theyll make them exactly the way you want them. costs about 35-40e...abit expensive but their great!!!