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Childmad Posts: 85
I'm size 18-20. Where will I find maternity clothes to fit me? (a bit emotional and seem to be thinking of very silly things.............only found out that I'm pregnant today)
totalnovice Posts: 787
Oh Childmad just saw your post and didnt want to not reply. Firstly congrats on the pregnancy, mind yourself hon. Everyone is emotional at the start (still in my case) so dont feel as if you are alone. next online go up to a size 22 in maternity clothes as do Dorothy Perkins i think. Dont worry you wont have any trouble getting stuff once you start looking.
whackywoman Posts: 1496
don't worry you will be grand, nearly all of the shops that have maternity have plus size maternity, try: next New Look Dorothy Perkins H & M larger sizes in Evans there is a good bit of stuff out there although you will find that during pregnancy the same thing seems to be in some shops for ages. Happy pregnancy :o)ll :o)ll
originalwoowoo Posts: 867
Both Oxendales and Littlewoods online have maternity sections - congrats to you