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shocked22 Posts: 511
Can anyone help me. I'm a good size 20 or 22 and I'm finding my trousers and jeans are getting very tight at the moment. Can anyone tell me where I can get some nice, preferably over the tummy, jeans or trousers that don't cost an arm and a leg??!! Surely I'm not the only 'larger lady' to ever get pregnant????
Mama Dora Posts: 14987
I know its not maternity but Evans have lovely stuff at the moment have you been in ?
shocked22 Posts: 511
Not recently mama Dora but I will pop in maybe on Friday. Tops aren't really a problem at the moment as they are all the smock style anyway but trousers are impossible!! Do Evan's have a bit of elastic in the waist?? I wish I could just wear my pj's all day!!!!
Tedsters Posts: 1688
Shocked22 like yourself am on the larger side. I have found Next trousers to be brilliant - especially the black ones with fold down/up panel which covers all of your tummy. Bought several pairs and they are very comfortable. Their tops also are very comfy and roomy. Also bought jeans in Mamas & Papas and although they were pricey (bought one pair) they are comfy, roomy and have expandable side thingies which you can button for early stage and unbutton for later stage. I have also found Dorothy Perkins and H&M to have generous sizes too particularly their tops. Don't go to Evans as you will look fat and frumy and not pregnant. Embrace your new shape and wear fitted items which highlight and accentuate your bump. I have finally found a really good excuse for a large tummy!!! :wv Hope this helps. You are indeed not alone. Tedsters
curlymum Posts: 64
This magazine does some really lovely maternity wear for the larger lady. Or look on any website and you will find stuff without paying the earth. O-O
curlymum Posts: 64
Sorry the mag is called simply
mumof2 Posts: 3864
I got lovely pants in Maternity section in New Look - like normal black pants but the belly part is like an soft padding. As far as I know they do sizes up to 24