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mrsbrowneyedgirl28 Posts: 820
Here goes- I've always had it bad..crankiness, water-retention, feeling blue, irregular, not to mention when it comes DYING of cramps and feeling sick. I was on the pill in my early 20s but was dead against going on it again. I've tried Vit B & Agnus Castis (sp) as recommened by the Well Woman made me even worse. Nearly died when it came that was so heavy and awful. Tried Evening primrose..had the same effect. Hit rock bottom yesterday..period came during the night..was awake for 3 hours in agony even though I took painkillers. Had to ring in sick that morning. Dragged myself to the Doctors yest afternoon..2 docs in the practice..I got the male one unfortunately. Tried to compose myself but ended up getting bit teary due to my total frustration over this thing. Its ruling my life. He was very understanding and listened to all I had to say. I'm oestrogen domintated apparantly. I discussed my worries about the wedding-told him I just couldn't have the worry of this hanging over me. We talked about different pills and decided on the one best for me. I was against the pill but I need to have some control over this and can't have it ruining my big day. He gave me a sick note for yesterday and today and told me to get some rest. I'm hoping this pill suits me and eases my problem a bit. For all you PMT girls out there I feel your pain :o( xx
NowGone Posts: 8042
I hear your pain, to a lesser degree. I came of the pill recently and have been waking in the middle of the night with period pains - neurofen plus calms then just enought to get some sleep. With the pill, there is no actual medial reason to have your "periods". Could you not go on the pill and just not take breaks between packs - it's bee n proven that it's safe. Alternativlly, you could consider the implanted one (implanon?) or the injectible - that way, you wan't have a period for as long as the implant/injection lasts....Maybe that'd help. Tell you one thing - I'm deffo going back on the pill asap.
charlotteyork Posts: 1275
OMG, you poor thing. I used to have quite painful periods as a teenager, but thankfully they've calmed as I've gotten older. That must be a terrible thing to have hanging over you as you plan your wedding. Best of luck with this pill. The implanon would be a great help to you if you were one of the lucky women who it works for. I had that put in and it turned me into a raving lunatic (crying, raging temper, no control of my emotions whatsoever) with constant periods for about 8-10 months. My GP kept on saying that i had to give it a chance to settle, but it just wasn't working so I had it taken out. Enjoy your chance to relax and hopefully this will be the last horrible period you have. Best of luck :wv
Reecespieces Posts: 927
Joleigh Posts: 4242
I could have written that post myself. My last period, at Christmas, I got during the night while staying in a friends house. I had to wake hubby at 4am to go and find me tablets, I was crying in agony. I took 2 pain killers and after 40mins had to take a 3rd one and eventually I got some sleep. The whole next day I was weak & spent the day asleep on the sofa. My periods are always heavy & painful & the PMS that goes with it sometimes makes me so mad I feel like I have a split personality. I went to the doc &he prescribed ponstan for the pain & said I may have ovarian cysts, to wait a couple of months, see if I'm still as bad & then go back. I was due to get my P on my wedding day so 2 months before the wedding I got tablets from the doc to delay them for 7 days which they did. Best thing I ever did cos the pill doesnt agree with me. I couldnt have coped with the pain & tears on my wedding day. Thank God I just had happy tears on the day! I hope the pill works for you. Unforetunately it doesnt suit me at all :o(
gone elsewhere Posts: 1780
Browneyedgirl, there may be something causing it. My friend suffered badly when she was a teenager, so she went on the pill until she was 27. She began suffering terribly again, and was on and off the pill for a couple of years. After seeing three different doctors, she finally went to see a gynaecologist who referred her for a scan. Turned out she had an ovarian cyst and endometriosis, going back at least 15 years! She had an op and is fine now. Seriously, a lot of doctors are very free and easy with the pill and believe it to be the answer to all menstrual problems when it's not. In her case, she'd still be in bits only she collapsed at work and knew she had to see someone about it. Get a second opinion.