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superwoman Posts: 135
Hi guys, anyone recommend a nice poem for a card for my mum. Can`t find one that says it all?
Novice Posts: 458
Found this on a website that do personalised hankies. Was going to put it on a card and give her a lace hankie too.. Through the years you've been there through all life's brought my way, from friendships, boys and homework, and now my wedding day. I want so much to thank you for all you've given me… your care and love and wisdom and the lasting memories. So many times you held me and now you let me go, if there are tears my wedding day this hanky says “I know”. For even though I'm now grown up dressed in silk and pearls, remember this my wedding day... I'm still your little girl.
bbbride Posts: 664
:o( thats so nice
Hellothere2010 Posts: 2358
girls I posted this websiet for you all before but I'll do so again - its just so fab the poems they have on there: http://www.weddinghankies.com/
rey Posts: 496
That's fantastic I almost ended up a blubbering mess here in work after reading that......
Novice Posts: 458
It's nice isnt it? I want to have them all a blubbering mess the night before! >:o) :o0
wrapped up Posts: 109
Dear Mother... “Thank you” doesn’t seem enough, as I recall our many years, You’ve laughed with me, been there for me and wiped my many tears. You’ve walked with me through this journey of life, and taught me right from wrong, Though at times, I may not have appreciated it; our bond remains so strong. You encouraged me to overcome my fears; you knew when to let me go, Towards a river of independence, in a calm or rapid flow. You’ve shown pride in my achievements, supported me through my lows, Always there with open arms, your love forever known. I appreciate all you’ve done for me and continue to do each day. You’re a mother and a friend to me, in your very special way. [size=75:3h1gqdjx]copyright DM Barton[/size:3h1gqdjx]