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02JuneBride2006 Posts: 314
I got these last week and ate them while not tracking. Back tracking today, and want one, but dont know how many were in the bag. The points work out as 5.5 for 100g (225g in the bag). They are the wholegrain ones. My sister thinks that they are about 1.5 points (like a slice of bread), but for some reason, I'm thinking (maybe hoping!) that they are 0.5. I thought the ww leader used them as an example of a less points version alternative to bread. Any ideas?
Carmen Posts: 510
They are 1.5 points for two of all varieties.
02JuneBride2006 Posts: 314
Thanks Angie! Thats not too bad, I've just had 2.
mad woman Posts: 22106
hiya you should get the little small pocket calculator from your WW meeting, i would be lost without mine, i bring it every where with me
02JuneBride2006 Posts: 314
Oh, I already have one. Its just that the nutritional info on the packet was only for 100g, and I had already eaten most of the packet, so hadnt got a clue how many there had been in it in the first place. The calculator is great though, I always use it. H2B goes mad when I take it out in the supermarket, but I'd prefer to check things there and then rather than buy them and the points to be too high.