Poll: For those of you who've ever suffered a miscarriage

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chocaddict Posts: 344
Morning all! As most of you probably know, the issue of pregnancy tickers like the one I have has been the focus of a raging debate in off topic recently. I know there have been two polls already. I don't particularly want to start up another discussion. However, with all the debate, and as a woman whose had a relatively recent miscarriage and is not (nor never has been) bothered by said tickers, I'm very interested to know just what proportion of women would actually find the pictures featured in tickers such as the one below offensive. I thought it best to post this poll in P&B rather than off topic, as obviously this applies only to those who have miscarried. Thanks girls :lvs :wv
swissgirl Posts: 2301
I think for most of us after MCs we went away from WOL P&B for a time. Aside from the tickers, it was hard to see the other posters moving on, talking about their symptoms, bumps etc. So by the time you came back you'd "recovered" somewhat, TTCing again and ready to celebrate again with the other girls. I think when you are recovering from an MC any pregnancy ticker is difficult - they are all reminders - "that girl is where I would be if my bean lived" - feeling etc. Which is why I disagree with the hoopla over OT - I think a lot of the posters on that thread dont post here (P&B) and dont know the genuine support that is to be found here. All that said - if there was one girl, who because of her MC, found the baby image ticker upsetting I would disable it for that post so as not to upset her. I know I was very upset and angry after my MCs.
Hopefully07 Posts: 2027
I have had a M/C and they don't offend/upset me at all, my Angel wasn't suppose to be on earth with me unfortunatley :o( I still miss my Angel EVERYDAY and nothing is going to change that be it a ticker or the scan picture I have. It's called "CHOICE" and if people like those tickers than work away if not don't have one!
chocaddict Posts: 344
Thanks for voting. :thnk This was kinda the result I was expecting
Midlands Mum Posts: 871
I also dont find the tickers offensive and have also suffered a MC. But i read a post swiss put up yesterday advising how to take the ticker off when posting in another forum, so thats what ive started doing. Unfortunately now i dont feel able to post in TTC or Lost Angels as someone mentioned that it was hard receiving msgs even ones of sympathy from ppl who have these tickers attached. I have always sent msgs even with my ticker attached as it was from one woman to another saying i know what your going through and im very sorry. Obviously if i thought for one instant that my ticker would hurt anyone then i would never have attached it. TBH i didnt even realise i could remove it for specific msgs until swissgirl pointed it out - thanks swissgirl :wv
mammybean Posts: 10364
is it where you tiabout display signature? i thought that if you did that then when you put it back on it would come up on all messages. cos if you look at my old posts it will still have this ticker on. anyway , i have had 3 miscarraiges and an early still birth, and i dont find other peoples tickers offensive. to me that would be begrudging someone else their happiness ad their little baby just beacuse mine wasn to be. imessed the debate that you are on about though.
Midlands Mum Posts: 871
Hi Mammy bean When you click reply to post and are finished typing below there is a box ticked attach signature, i just untick that. And it takes it off the msg you are sending not sure about old msgs. HTH :wv
mumof2 Posts: 3864
[quote="Hopefully07":8wex9855]I still miss my Angel EVERYDAY and nothing is going to change that be it a ticker or the scan picture I have. It's called "CHOICE" and if people like those tickers than work away if not don't have one![/quote:8wex9855] I think of all the stuff that has been posted that you have just hit the nail on the head hopefully - nothing is going to change the fact that you had a m/c unfortunately. When I had mine I got hope seeing the tickers as I would know of x or y that had a m/c and then I could see there ticker saying x amount of week pregnancy and felt 'Good for them, hopefully it will happen to me too. If people who are really upset by them did tell me they were (if they have had a m/c), I would stop posting in Lost Angels as if someone didn't want to see my ticker, that is the forum that I would not show it in. But then the other side of that, is that people doesn't get the support I would have liked to have given - so what do you do?