Poll: Home-made or Shop-bought Birthday Cake?

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zoesmama Posts: 2774
Following on from a conversation today When you were kids were the cakes in your house home-made or shop-bought and what do you do now ?
rosiemama Posts: 3363
i like baking but have never ever made a birthday cake. mainly because its another thing you have to do when organising a party and i just don't have time. and if it didn't turn out right i don't want there to be too many witnesses! shop bought all the way for me.
Smileykaz Posts: 7296
For birthdays shop bought then and now. My Mam would bake apple tarts and jam tarts and even sponge cakes during the year, but birthday cakes were shop bought. They wouldn't be huge now or anything but it was worth the price to my Mam. She worked and had four kids.. *shrug* shop bought all the way! These days, still shop bought. All my brothers and sisters work and have kids so they take the easy option. Hats off to anyone who bakes, it's not something I can do, so it must be lovely to be able to create your own treats and for special occasions. I'll tell you a terrible sad story, will I? I never got a birthday cake! Not a real 'birthday' cake. My birthday is early in January and after the expense of Christmas there was never any money left for a cake for me. So what my Mam would do would be to scrape the words 'Merry Christmas' off the fruit cake that woudl be bought in the Christmas shopping and she'd pipe on 'Happy Birthday Karen' onto the cake. So I always had a manky, battered, re-iced Christmas cake as my birthday cake!! Luckily I had brothers and sisters and would always get some of their cake and as I was the youngest I was always allowed to blow out their candles too, so I didn't feel too deprived. But there you go!
zoesmama Posts: 2774
My parents always bought all the Birthday cakes in our house but DH's Mum made a cake for every Birthday. I love cooking and baking so when DH asked me to make him a cake the first year we were married I decided to give it a go having never made a Birthday one. It came out great (even if I do say so myself !) and now I make them for the kids and DH. Friend of mine at the weekend was lamenting that she hasn't had a home-made one since she left home and doesn't make them for her kids - she feels they're missing out but I never had one as a child.
LittleLion Posts: 201
Always homemade when we were small. I still remember them now and in fact I got to make my very first birthday cake for my DS 1st birthday last year. The exact same way and shape that my mam made ours. :lvs omg edited to say that's so sad smileykaz. :o(
Smileykaz Posts: 7296
[quote="LittleLion":xmalkq0m]Always homemade when we were small. I still remember them now and in fact I got to make my very first birthday cake for my DS 1st birthday last year. The exact same way and shape that my mam made ours. :lvs omg edited to say that's so sad smileykaz. :o([/quote:xmalkq0m] Ah thanks. Don't feel too sad for me, I still got a party and presents! They just hated to waste the Christmas cake...so I drew the short straw! They're great parents, really!
LittleLion Posts: 201
Where do you live? next year,i'll drop in one my special bunny cakes. :o0 Oh and Happy Birthday.
highbeam Posts: 2578
My Mam made great birthday cakes when we were kids. She made a really cool caterpillar chocolate finger cake for my brother when he was about 4 or 5 (I still remember it even though I was only 3 or 4) but none of the kids would eat it cos it was green icing, she was devstated :o0 . But it was yum and very cool. She made a barbie one for my sister one year. The skirt of barbies dress was the cake. Others I remember for me were a bunny and a pony cake for me, a football for my brother. We buy them now but I think when we have kids I will give it a go. A friend made her son a racing car cake last year and it was amazing.
Anne Cordelia Shirley Posts: 4731
Always home made, like everything we got to eat growing up! Birthdays were one of the few times we had sweets so we really looked forward to them. My mam always made a big effort and even now will make a special desert for a birthday when we have a family meal together. I hope to do the same, I love cooking and baking.
Time For A Change Posts: 6885
It's homemade all the way in my family - always has been. My sister makes the most incredible birthday cakes for her kids, princess castles, Lightening McQueen etc. She's even made a pint of Guinness cake and a box of Marlboro cigarettes - she piped the guys date of birthday as the barcode on the side of the cake!!! We went to ILs one year for hubbys birthday. I offered to make a birthday cake for him, and bring it with us.........big mistake! You'd think I'd just told my MIL that she was never allowed to see her darling first-born again!!! Absolutely no way, "he's [b:t3bwxd98]MY[/b:t3bwxd98] son and [b:t3bwxd98]I'M[/b:t3bwxd98] making his birthday cake!" Now remember, this woman can't cook to save her life, she doesn't even have a mixing bowl in the house. She tried to pass up one of those awful Dunnes attemptof a cheesecake, as a homemade cake. She didn't have a hope, when FIL, hubby and BIL reminded her that there isn't even a sieve in the kitchen, so how could she bake. :o0