Poll: How much does your H2B earn?

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megs Posts: 20
in light of the success of other polls on this site .. notabley LouLou's one on how much we earn ourselves.. I'm asking how much does your H2B earn. We can compare the results with LouLou's later to see if sexism is alive and well in Ireland!
megs Posts: 20
hmmnn.. so far looks like we ladies are getting the short end of the stick. ehem.. any innuendo totally unintentional!
Mrs Peg Bundy Posts: 2515
LOL Megs. You could say......w'ere being ridden bareback. :lol:
megs Posts: 20
am absolutely stunned at the proportion earning over 50K. I'm off home now to whoop my H2Bs ass into gear! :wink:
The Bride Posts: 686
Oh dear, it is pretty obvious I am marrying for love :roll:
Frankie Posts: 1571
Yeah, me 2! Still never mind, at least we're happy :D
Leasainm Posts: 149
[quote:3u2w460b]Oh dear, it is pretty obvious I am marrying for love :roll: [/quote:3u2w460b] :lol: Sure its the only reason, sure won't we all be richer from the budget anyway! :P :wink:
megs Posts: 20
Would anybody like to theorise as to why they earn so much more than us. This is a real eye opener for me. Personally i don't think its down to sexism. ANywhere I've ever worked, promotion opportunities have been exactly the same for fellas and girls. In fact I've prob seen more women get promotions (financial/ accounting sort of background). Could it be that its men in 'trades' etc that are bringing these figures up?? I really can't figure such a huge difference out.
June Bride Posts: 39
:evil: because even when you have a relevant degree and masters, six years experience etc etc etc etc a man (years younger and six years experience less under the belt) who does a good interview ( a lot of brown noseing and homework done but no real practical knowledge for the job- I found out later) waltzes into a position that, wait for it, 'I' have to train him into!!!!! Ok, can you tell I have an issue here.......!
megs Posts: 20
wow june bride.. on the face of it that sounds shocking. I've never come across anything like that - but I can tell you, if I had as much experience and qualifications as you, I'd have walked .. let them train him in themselves and watch him sink! did they give you any explanation 9apart form the 'good interview' BS? yes I can see you have and issue and rightly so! :shock: :evil: