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streaks Posts: 3592
Just recently I was having a conversation with friends about living together before marriage and some of them said they def wouldn't it's something they'd like to save until after the wedding and others said no way couldn't get married to someone without living with then first! Was just wonderering what the general feeling was on here did you/are you living with your OH before getting married or are you/did wait till after the big day? I know for us, we lived together for 3and a half years and I'm glad we did as we know that we can deal with eachothers habits and there are no issues! So how donthe rest of you feel about it??
goinloco Posts: 774
we lived together for 2 and a half years before we got married thank god!!!! i'm not joking it took me (and possibly him) a good year to get used to living together! he was a typical mammies boy and didnt understand the oven, washing machine, dishwasher etc and all the little habits, i found it realy hard :eek
lux Posts: 6270
I think if you're a bit older or set in your ways its essential to live together before marriage. I bought my house after college so moved from my parents house to living on my own in my house, so I could pretty much suit myself 100%. I like things done a certain way and I'm very houseproud. OH is a few years older and again had been living in an apartment on his own. He has his own way of doing things and his own little routines. We decided to rent an apartment together and it was the right decision for us. As we are both very independent and like our own space, we really had to learn to live together and it was great to work out all the housekeeping issues-I would have hated to be married and then come down to earth with a bang having to get used to eachother. My sister was with her boyfriend for years, they eventually moved in and split up a couple of months later. She is so happy they tried it because they probably would have gotten married if they hadn't lived together.
wifeyttc Posts: 2507
we only bought our first house together and got the keys 2 weeks ago wouldnt have it any other way.we lived together 2 years ago for a year renting and then went back to our parents to save for the deposit and delighted now we actually got the keys on the date we will be getting married next year so was extra special :xox
Rubyrose Posts: 5522
we moved in together just over a year before we married, Im delighted we did as he is very much a Mummys boy, I was the untidy one and we both learnt a lot living together
dancerformoney Posts: 2733
he was very traditional as the country he is from, ppl buy houses and get married and move into house together day after wedding etc etc my friends told him a few years ago that it prob would not be that way in ireland, that we would live together first. I think it helped that my 2 closest friends and his best friend (a saffer in dublin) lived with his GF before marriage. it was fate that decided it anyway cause he found it hard to get inot ireland with visa etc so he moved to uk and then i did so we could be together BUT we were engaged before we moved in together which i think was his plan and he felt the committment that way! but i lived with a guy before for couple months, didnt work out! I dont see any prob living together before marriage, soemtimes its more realisitc to do so.
I Dream in Disney Posts: 1592
[quote="Rubyrose":rsdf1db8] Im delighted we did as he is very much a Mummys boy, I was the untidy one and we both learnt a lot living together[/quote:rsdf1db8] I could have wrote this! We moved in together after 2 years, been living together for 2 years now and have learnt an awful lot in those couple years. We still fight about the housework though!
BusyDee Posts: 8527
After we were together about 3/4 years we talked about building a house - we obviously knew we would get married and spend the rest of our lives together but a home was our first priority! If we had to chose one or the other we would have gone with the house. My brother kindly gave us a site that we built our house on and we were a year and a half living in it when we got married.
FlexyDee Posts: 4904
I would have killed him if I hadn't moved in with him before getting married :o0 :o0 :o0
GreenerPastures Posts: 7284
Like the rest of my siblings we took it nice and slow. We moved in together after 5 years, when I bought the house, and we were married just four years later. All my siblings lived with their OHs first and if anything my parents would have bene shocked if we hadn't. I think you get to really know the person and the teething period isn't as long when you do get married. I know my mam said it was an awful shock living with my dad father after they were married. It was just the two of them 24/7 before the first baby came along. Luckily after 40 years they got the hang of it though :o0