Poll Morning Sickness - worse with girls or boys

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CocoBeans Posts: 841
Hi All, I thought I'd run a poll to see if the old wives tale is true... Was your morning sickness worse on your pregnancy with a girl or with a boy. This is my second pregnancy (and SO FAR) ms has been a good bit lighter. My mom, sister and MIL were saying it's probably a boy and I was wondering if anyone experienced this? It's really just for a bit of fun :o)ll
gopro Posts: 1801
I obly have one so cant answer the poll. But i didnt have any morning sickness and I had a little girl
nelswife Posts: 3869
I didnt have any sickness, morning, noon or night and i had a boy Same this time, havent had any sickness..(but dont know what i am having)
jewellb Posts: 2389
I had bad nausea and am having a boy, no vomiting my friend had hyperemmis (sp) on her first boy and none on her 2nd 2 boys!!
jamseyjo Posts: 1132
I had one morning of feeling sick before i even found out i was pregnant. i didnt have any morning sickness at all and i had a boy. I heard morning sickness with girls is worse.
blueboots Posts: 833
I had really bad morning sickness on first pregnancy- it was a boy. Hardly any morning sickness on this pregnancy and I am expecting another boy
Luka Posts: 1904
I had very bad nausea on DS, at one point thought I was having a girl! Most of my friends that had boys were very sick on them, except for one, who had no nausea what so ever at all! I think it's really down to how our bodies handle pregnancy hormones as opposed to the gender of the baby.
vanilla icecream Posts: 2125
On my first pregnancy I had. O morn g sickness at all but my second one I had terrible ms for the first three months. I have two boys
Baby on Board 2 Posts: 14
I had terrible morning sickness with my first (a girl) and on my second I still had morning sickness but no where near as bad (a boy).
vonnyoc Posts: 2688
I had extreme ms on both pregnancies and I have a boy and expecting a boy