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LadyLizzie Posts: 1724
Done before I know but I am looking for more recent feedback on vacuum cleaners please Wollies. I was happy with my Nilfisk coupe for years but it finally got busted, so I bought a cheapo bagless Zanussi which is so utterly [email protected] it puts me in a bad mood every time I use it. Have to go over & over the same piece of floor to pick up fluff & even then doesn't always suck it up agghhh O:| It's so bad I am considering resorting to the sweeping brush at this stage! Are Dysons worth the money, recommend your model? I hear great things about Miele but they're not bagless. Maybe should go back to Nilfisk?
30something Posts: 644
I have a share in a Dyson cylinder vacuum and highly recommend it. Fly through the vacuuming with it.
LadyLizzie Posts: 1724
Thanks 30something, which model do you use?
Laura_Whelan Posts: 56
Hi, I have a Dyson DC08 (well borrowed on a permanent basis from home) I can't fault it at all. It is at least 10 years old now and only lately I got the two filters replaced as I felt the suction was going and I thought it was on its last legs. I put the two filters in and it is going as good as it did on day one. In my eyes it is well worth the money.
30something Posts: 644
I think it's a DC54 Multi Floor. It has no filter. It's our second Dyson. ast one died after about 10 years cos some thicko used it on hot ashes!
MissFizz Posts: 71
I spoke with a man who repairs them before replacing mine and he told me bagged are much better. Less repairs, last longer and more power. We went with a Henry and it's great. Bag lasts months and easier to throw out than emptying a bagless. I was totally against bags but glad I changed my mind!
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Marriedin2013 Posts: 27
I have a Henry and I think it's fantastic! We've had it for as long as I can remember and it still works the same as it first did! Plus it brings a bit of novelty to the housework!!
stream26 Posts: 23
Shark hand held [url=]cozzy[/url:ubw627t5]vacuum has been working great for me…Furniture, car, stairs, horse trailer tack room. It’s supper easy to dump when full. So far I’ve only needed extention cord for outside stuff
webcrest Posts: 38
You have to use Dyson cylinder vacuum because it has really great results highly recommend it. It's easy to use and sucks dust from [url=]carpet cleaning[/url:eryw7dj5], Furniture, cars, stairs, etc.. In the short Dyson vacuum is one the best vacuum dust removal cleaner.