POLL: Will you/ did you do a Gift List?

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DillieDallie Posts: 423
Hi Ladies Will you/ did you do a gift list? While cash would be our preference, it has been suggested we do a small gift list for those who would prefer to give a gift. Any thoughts on this? Thanks! :thnk
roisinbunny Posts: 419
No, wont be. We love suprises and I prefer gifts myself :-8 .. We've just spent the past hour opening a few gifts we received today and I swear we were like kids at Christmas.. We received the most beautiful gifts and it's lovely that people put that much thought into them themselves.. I'd never have thought of them myself!
RainbowNinja Posts: 4437
picked other not doing one but its not coz of any nightmares we've heard.. its just we dont need anything. have the house fully furnished.. a few people have asked did we have one thought which i was surprised at, as i've never been given a gift list
CarolinaMoon Posts: 2431
Picked other. We aren't doing one because its really down to people to decide what to give. I don't want to feel that I am demanding anything. If anyone does insist on wanting an idea then I might come up with a few house things that we do need (we are still renting at this stage)
Kaniela Posts: 458
Picked other.. Not going to do one as we don't want people to feel obliged at spending a certain amount of money on a gift if they are strapped for cash.. I would much prefer they come to the wedding than give a gift if it came to a choice of having to choose between the two.. We have all we need for our house, but as carolinamoon said if people insist on an idea I'm sure I can come with something..
Scruff1 Posts: 3139
Not doing one, we're not bothered what people give us, so many people are in difficulty at the moment I would hate for anyone to feel obliged! Plus I like surprises anyway!!
Smileykaz Posts: 7296
[quote="Scruff1":3hoqfvip]Not doing one, we're not bothered what people give us, so many people are in difficulty at the moment I would hate for anyone to feel obliged! Plus I like surprises anyway!![/quote:3hoqfvip] This is how I feel too. We didn't do a gift list for this reason. Didn't want to tell people what to give us and how much to spend or even to mention gifts at all to be honest. We got lots of cash and lots of presents. Happy with all of it, people were overwhelmingly generous. Don't worry about gifts OP, they'll loook after themselves, honestly.
lux Posts: 6270
We didn't do one but my other two friends who are married both did-reason being they have a lot of English relatives and its the done thing. We had a named charity we support and if people really pressed us we said a donation to it would be lovely. We got lovely gifts, cash and some people made donations. Honestly we loved every single thing we got, we wouldn't return anything!
Bellisima Posts: 3583
We didnt do one - wonder how popular they really are in Ireland as Ive never received one?
Sprocket Posts: 1671
We did a gift list and had items on it priced from £15 to £450. But the majority of things were around between £20 - £50 as we didn't want people to fell obliged to spend a huge amount if they wanted to get us a gift. We didn't put the gift list cards in the invitations, for those that asked about it we or our parents passed the information along. Personally, I prefer a gift list as I like to get something that the couple would like, as opposed to a random toaster, but each to their own. But half our guest were from the UK and they don't do "cash gifts" as we do in Ireland and when we didn't put the gift list card in the invitations, we did get a few worried phonecalls wondering if we had one. I do think that gift lists have to be handled correctly so as not to look like you are asking for presents.