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mellowmood Posts: 433
What I don't understand is how they can get it so wrong on the show? Would you not know you'd applied for the show so just in case go wedding dress shopping WITH your H2B?? Hair and make-up - I was told I didn't need to wear makeup at the wedding, yeah right!!
Diamondz Posts: 2208
Obviously a bit late for me - but no way would I have let him do it!! Apart from the fact I am a bit of a control freak.. DH is so laid back about everything that most of the stuff wouldn't have been done as he would think we could just do without!! I was also the same as Jawl in that I went for the complete opposite in style of dress than the one I went shopping for - he would never have picked one like the one I got. I shocked everyone on that front!
seedee Posts: 1017
[quote="Jawl":3u7vlk5r][quote="seedee":3u7vlk5r]i definitely would. he does lighting for a living, and has seen a million rooms set up in the best of ways, and he plays in a band, so he'd have the venue and the music sorted. i think he'd get me a dress i hated, but you could sneakily show him what you wanted before you left him for the 3 weeks couldnt you? ive hit a real organising lull and im struggling to make myself arrange appointments for anything so this sounds like a dream come true right now![/quote:3u7vlk5r] I thought that too, show him what you like, but to be honest, what I liked was awful on me, and what I picked, I'd never have chosen in a mag/website :o0[/quote:3u7vlk5r] ah me too! sure i had my dress style picked years ago, and i still dont have a dress now, but it seems that the bohemian ethereal style that i was SURE id have just isnt flashy enough for me now, and i need more oomph! still tho, with 3 weeks to go to the wedding, id have a name and number of a dress that he would know to buy!
dresstoimpress Posts: 1719
My H2B would do a fantastic job organising a wedding............ But I am a Control freak, so still wouldn't be capable of trusting him to organise it without knowing anything.
keepitsimple Posts: 966
i said no, i'm sure he would be well cabable etc but I'm abit of a control freak and like things done my way so NO!
Rogue User Posts: 6101
I said no - Oh is great, very romantic but to plan a whole wedding, no way! He couldn't organise a bun fight in a bakery. He wouldn't even know where to begin. I reckon he'd pick a nice dress though - he does have great taste. Its the actual sitting down, researching, phoning, emailing etc that he is useless at!
leopardess Posts: 906
yes i would, if you had asked me this before we got married i probably would have said no but looking back now and all the stress, planning and organising that I did - yes i would let him do it. the dress would have been my big worry too but like others said you could of course show him things you like and big no no's before you leave for the 3 wks.
ReginaFalange Posts: 10290
I don’t understand why the couples don’t just plan the day together if they apply for the show./ I'm always saying that when I watch it!! Like if we applied for that show, I'd make sure that we did some research together and I'd have sneaky lists done out for him in the event that we got picked- sure how would they know?? I'd also go trying on wedding dresses and pick one I like and make sure he knows which one to get!! In saying that I think that my DH would do a good job. He has good taste although I don’t think that the €10,000 would go far with him as he has expensive tastes!!
PussyGalore Posts: 3388
I would trust him to arrange it all I think. And as you all have said you'd have given him pointers beforehand of what you liked. But I have to say wild horses wouldn't drag me onto a show like that, I'm waaaay too shy :-8
seedee Posts: 1017
you dont have to stick to the budget tho, do you? you can add to it if you want. im sure alot of the programme is orchestrated anyway, like the deals and sticking within budget, or the guys supposedly being completely unaware of the dress their fiance wants. that one with the girl with the dark hair who freaked over her dress was on recently. god i hated her. shaking and stressing over everything. she stressed ME out watching her twitch!