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Synergy Posts: 2768
I would have loved if h2b planned the whole wedding. I am enjoying it but finding it stressful at times especially these last few weeks as we are getting closer. I would have jumped at the chance to go on the show but it would be really embarrassing when you're out and about in Dunnes afterwards! Slightly O/T here but h2b saw some pics of wedding dresses last night and said the trains look stupid, am I having one of those? I am going to soooo going to make him eat those words!!!
SookieStackhouse Posts: 3135
I think my hubby would have loved this. He always says that the lads do a better job on that show then the girls would have done. He was very hands on during our wedding, brilliant at the haggling, very involved in everything, except the dress of course. Thats the only thing I could see being a problem as he'd prob have me looking like my granny.
Urban Fairy Posts: 3987
I would trust him in so far as I'd have to give him a fairly good idea first about what I wanted. But seen as I think you mean would I trust him to organise the day with no interference pre-planning on my part.. then I really dont know. Probably not. Not that I think he'd make a [email protected] of it but I'm such a control freak, I'd be having cold sweats not being able to give input.
t2be2012 Posts: 718
yea id let him plan it....think he would do a good job but def wouldnt let him get my dress!!!!
gottabfp Posts: 5641
NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO He cant even plan whats for dinner!
I Dream in Disney Posts: 1592
I think h2b would make a great job of it. He would sometimes dress me better than I would myself, he can be so romantic when he wants to be and could charm the pants off anyone so would end up getting the lot for about a fiver! However, I would NEVER go on that show because I love weddings and would be so upset at missing out on planning it all. FFS, I blog about weddings and not just my own!
Scruff1 Posts: 3139
I selected no, as fantastic as my OH is he wouldn't have a clue!!!!! We'd have to have the real wedding after whatever he had planned was over! he thought I was joking about having to do a pre marriage course!!! :o0
bridesmaidzilla Posts: 1859
I'm like dresstoimpress, he has great taste and would do the important stuff very well, but I'm a total control freak!!Wouldn't be able to sleep for worrying!!
Kickasswife Posts: 4051
starbar10 Posts: 991
I'm with Lux on this one. I would trust him with 100% with what he would organise but I think there would be a percentage of things that wouldn't occur to him. But then at the end of the day does it really matter about the things that he wouldn't remember. I know he would get dresses, suits, venue, music, video and photos so it would be the likes of Hair, makeup, centrepieces and mass booklets - the finer details that pull the whole day together like a unifrom that may slip his mind. But as long as DH was standing there at the top of the aisle on the day none of this matters :lvs :lvs so i guess i would trust him then.