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dresstoimpress Posts: 1719
[quote="bridesmaidzilla":1o851xpg]I'm like dresstoimpress, he has great taste and would do the important stuff very well, but I'm a total control freak!!Wouldn't be able to sleep for worrying!![/quote:1o851xpg] :yelrotflmaosmilie: :yelrotflmaosmilie: :yelrotflmaosmilie: Its a terrible affliction isn't it???? I would probably have a break down if I was on that show!
Sweet8 Posts: 1285
[color=#400040:2zgjjllt]Yes I would actually. He's quite creative and I think he'd know what would be the little details that I would like on our wedding day. :thnk As for the wedding dress, well I haven't tried any on yet so I wouldn't know what I want exactly anyway. But I do enjoy the planning and research side of wedding planning :o)ll [/color:2zgjjllt]
jellywellies Posts: 2268
Its not that I wouldnt trust him, it just wouldnt be done the way I wanted it ... lol
GreenerPastures Posts: 7284
No I wouldn't. He wouldn't be able to think outside the basics. He would have just booked a hotel reception and gotten a basic package. He wouldn't have thought of any other venues or personalising it. It would have looked like a million other weddings. I also don't think he would have been able to get the dress right. Even if he knew a style I liked it could still be hideous. A lot of brides spend awhile picking their dress as they need to find a style that [i:23rzogk7]suits[/i:23rzogk7] them, not just one they thought they'd like. It's trial and error. I wouldn't be surprised if he'd forget to book a make up artist either. That's no reflection on him. We were a great team when organising our wedding but he freely admits he wouldn't have liked the stress and wouldn't have thought of the little details if he had to go it alone.