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Sticks'nStones Posts: 401
Sorry giddy today just wondering how useful polls are :D MPD
Leasainm Posts: 149
I think they're good but you have to be careful to cover all bases when putting up options if you want to get a true reflection of whats going on. I like them though, its a better way of gauging (where possible) what the general consensus is on a topic...
Holly Posts: 480
You big dosser MPD, are you lisitening to christmas music and getting all excited? I cant wait to get my viva over with next week and get excited probarly!!!!
Sticks'nStones Posts: 401
I cannot believe you twigged to my dossing Holly. :oops: I thought I was getting away with it. I have my iPod on with my christmas music in my ears and I don't want to do a bit to be honest. It wouldn't matter so much if I didn't have so much to do - I am literally up the walls with work at the moment but I cannot concentrate. :? All I keep thinking is "this time 4 weeks" God what will I be like on the day!! MPD
Holly Posts: 480
:lol: :lol:
The Bride Posts: 686
Polls are fantastic AND a waste of time. Who said time wasting can't be fantastic? :wink: