Polti steam cleaner?

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05bride Posts: 314
Just wondering if anyone owns a polti steam cleaner. I have seen them in BT's but they are not cheap. I have heard reviews from a few people who have used them and think they are brilliant. Apparently it's a dry steam (no detergent) and it cleans everything from carpets to tiles, windows etc. Apparently it even irons your clothes. sound too good to be true.....?
Geraldine060505 Posts: 36
I have one and it is great. I mean you still have to do the work but no detergents. It has an iron attachment which means that its like a v powerful steam iron. IT does take 10 mins to heat up because of all the water in the tank. I use it to clean floor tiles, wall tiles and windows. You can usually get a demonstration so I'd advise that you do before you buy. ESB shops do them.
Mrs. Niamh Posts: 166
I have one, got it in BT as well. Think it was about 450 euro, definitely worth it. I use it to clean upholstery, curtains, floors (both wooden & carpet), tiles, walls, bathroom, kitchen, wardrobes, windows, blinds, furniture - basically everything! I have the Polti Vaporetto 2400, it's red and looks like a hoover - and it's the same size as one. A video comes with it with a recorded demo, showing all you can use it for. I've had it a year and it's excellent.
mumof2 Posts: 3864
These sound great. Am thinking of putting this on my Christmas list. Do you really think that they are worth the money? and just another quick question - do you not bother then with regular cleaners ie, polish, bleach etc., :?: :?:
Mrs. Niamh Posts: 166
You can still use other detergents, but there is no need to. I still but bleach in the toilets. Obviously it's nice to polish things up once in a while, but polishing and cleaning are two different things really anyway. You'd be more inclined to steam maybe once a week, rather than every day - so you'd still be using, say a kitchen spray or whatever.
mumof2 Posts: 3864
Thanks for the reply Mrs Niamh I never got 'excited' before about a household gadget - maybe I'm getting older :lol: Am defo. going to BT during the week to have a look at them
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mumof2 Posts: 3864
4 years on and I still haven't taken the plunge to buy one!!! Decided just to buy it this week. Does BT still do it or anyone know anywhere else. Can get it online but would prefer to go to shop
i love weddings Posts: 21
i love this machine...sadly i don't own one but I have a friend who lets me borrow hers. She got in on sale in ESB shop before it closed down. I love especially how it cleans my showers, taps, oven, rugs & much more...super cleaning machine. Im saving my pennies for this and a kitchen aid!!!
mumof2 Posts: 3864
Ordered the Politi online so it should be here on Monday - will let you know how I get on Let the nesting begin :o)ll
mollyeile Posts: 2486
God there's a blast from the past - my mum has a Polti and loves it - she wouldn't use anything else.