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AnyHopeLeft Posts: 310
Hi girls. I'm new to this forum - usually in the health/entertainment one but lately myself and hubby have been discussing trying for another child. My little girl was born by emergency c-section so I didn't experience the joys of labour. Is it true, and forgive me for asking this, but when your in labour, do you actually poo when you are pushing. I'm terrified of the idea of being in labour and since discussing having another baby with my hubby I've been dreaming that I'm in labour and I'm pushing and pushing. Oh my god, I'm getting pains just thinking about it. I would like to try and have another baby naturally but am a little naive and a little bit scared. I wouldn't say I had it handy as the c-section is so hard to recover from and quite painful for a few weeks after. I still get the jokes that I was too posh to push! >:o( Would be interested to hear from ya.X
Christmas B Posts: 6191
[color=indigo:3sudkwxj]My friend pooped while she was giving birth but she didn't even know until her DH told her a few weeks after the birth. It's very common apparently but the nurses are meant to be brilliant and just swish it away!! I won't be giving a damn if I do as there'll be so much more to concentrate on!! It totally makes sense though if we do as there's so much pressure on that whole area!! Don't worry about it if you do chick!![/color:3sudkwxj]
Mama Dora Posts: 14987
I know imagine but sure I suppose that would the last worry on our minds during the time,I also think they can give you a tablet not to sure on that though
Mrs J Posts: 387
DD is just over three weeks old and I can honestly say that I didn't give a damn about what was going on down there other than getting baby out! Having said that I had an epidural and couldn't tell you what was going on down there - DH stayed north of the busines end so he can't shed any light on it either. The midwife when telling me to push basically said 'push like you really need to poo!' and her advice was to let go and not to worry about what might come out from that area - it had been on my mind before I went into labour but if I ever go again, it will not bother me and you really shouldn't let it worry you.
gbirishgirl Posts: 246
I saw a programme a couple of weeks ago where the woman confessed to having an enema (sp?) the day before her due date so she wouldn't have anything inside her to poop while she was delivering... seems a little drastic to me... no matter what happens, they will have seen it all before, most likely a thousand times worse than anything you could produce so do try and relax... HTH!
summer daisy Posts: 1336
like others have said, when you are in the middle of labour it is the last thing on your mind, honestly. I believe that it happened to me too but I had an epidural and felt nothing.. wasn't even embarassed because at that stage I had been in labour for hours and was finally at the pushing stage and was concentrating really hard. The midwife actually told me to push like I was doing a poo and this is when it happened. My DH said they just wipped it away!! :eek :eek
poppie Posts: 57
Sniggywig - happened to me too - you really don't care what's coming out! I was mortified before my first baby at the thought of it happening and had resolved not to eat coming up to the due date to be sure of not pooing!! But of course I couldn't do this and had been out for lunch with the girlies on the day I went into labour - what can I tell ya!! :-8 You feel briefly mortified (although you're not quite sure - until hindsight kicks in! - what it is the midwife is up to down there) but you just don't care when you're in labour and there's nothing you can do about it! I wouldn't have cared if a monkey jumped out of my a*s as long as I got that baby out!!!! Which I eventually did :o0 Don't worry about it, I'm sure it happens to us all, just some do and some don't notice! :eek