Poppit's Birth story... extremely long.

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Poppit Posts: 2042
Hi all, I honestly cant believe, I am finally here writing my birth story. Firstly thank you to all my cyber buddies, for listening to all my worries and concerns and giving me plenty of advice over the last 2 years. It took us 14 months TTC and 40 weeks of pregnancy and during that time, I have made some fantastic friends on this site. :thnk Well I had been suffering from Braxton hick pains for the past few months, but they had got particularly bad over the last month. I had a show on week 37 and my Gp. sent me in to hospital for a trace and scan. Scan showed I was not in Labour at that time so they let me home and said I could go into labour within days or weeks. O:| I continued having the pains for the last few weeks and passed more of the mucus plug. When I woke last Friday, my due date, I went to the loo and noticed I had passed a lot of blood and knew something different was happening. I contacted the labour ward and spoke to one of the midwives and explained what was happening. She told us to come in as I was not passing mucus, just blood so she said they would give me an internal to see what was happening. I didn’t relish the thought of an internal but knew at least I would get some answers at last. :o)ll When I went in, they hooked me up to trace machine and confirmed that baby was fine but also trace showed up either Braxton hicks or contractions. They asked if I wanted anything for pain and I said no, so was told to go off and have a walk and come back up to them if pains got worse. The labour ward was extremely busy so I guessed I was not in labour and as they had told me to go off for a walk, and as they hadn’t offered internal, I just assumed that they would send me home and say it was false alarm. I was cursing Braxton Hicks at that stage and was so fed up. Poor hubby had to listen to me giving out about how come I couldn’t be normal, and get pains and go into labour instead of having practise pains for so many months… When we got back up to labour ward, we were told there was a bed for me on the maternity ward as they wanted to keep an eye on the bleeding as I had protein and blood in my urine and blood pressure was up. I sent hubby home that night, as there was no point in him waiting there all night. I had another show later and spoke to one of the midwives who said things were probably starting to brew and that it would more than likely happen within a few days. I couldn’t sleep at all and was having really bad BH and eventually got up to walk around at 4.30am. I went to the loo and noticed a large amount of Mucus Plug (gross looking) :-8 and more blood. I went up to the labour ward at 5am and asked if someone could just give me an internal and let me know if anything was actually happening. She gave me internal and told me I was 1cm. :eek She asked if I was thinking of having epidural and I told her I was scared of it, but that I wasn’t going to rule it out altogether. I asked her if I should call my hubbie and she said it could be 12 hours yet.. So I went walking around the corridors and headed back to my bed. Eventually texted hubby at 6.am and told him there was no rush but to come in around 8.30 or 9am. He’s heard so many “I think this it” comments :-8 that I’d say he probably didn’t believe me but got excited when he heard we had a reading on the dilation scale. By 7am I had been walking the corridors as pains were bad and was even on my hands and knees on bathroom floor at one stage :o( , cursing the fact that I wasn’t at home in the bath or on my gym ball. I knew at that stage that if the pains were that bad at approx 2 cm, I was sure to get over my fear of epidural… I texted hubby and told him to leave straight away (we live 40 mins from hospital) and that I was really sore. He got there in less than half an hour and was so glad to see him. We went walking and I had a little cry and at 8.45am we met a friend of ours on the corridor who’s a midwife there and asked her what she thought, she reckoned if I was 1cm at 5.30, that I was probably 3 or 4cm then and advised us to walk up and down the stairs loads of times to encourage more dilation and to head in and get epidural, that it would be a long day…. We hadn’t even got down the first flight of stairs when I just decided to go and get an epidural as I couldn’t barely move with the pain.. Hubby was shocked to say the least, but was relieved as he always wanted me to have it any way and as they all kept saying it was going to be a long day. We headed into the labour ward and I asked for internal. The midwife put me on trace machine and the contractions were coming faster and stronger and it was obvious I was in a lot of pain. She asked me if I was still afraid of epidural and I said, No, that I decided I’d get over my fear and she agreed that was good idea. She did internal to check it wasn’t too early to give it and looked shocked. She asked me if I wanted the good news or the better news… I was 9.5cm dilated. I had 2 choices… I could go ahead and have epi and slow things down or she could break my waters and I could start pushing. That was 10am. She said it would be sore without epi but that I had come this far so well and that I would have babs within hours..… I told her to break waters and I would go ahead without epi. I then sent hubby off to get my gym ball and I hopped on it while he got us a cup of tea. I had hardly started drinking the tea, when I felt urge to push so got up on bed. It took 2 hours of hard pushing. I just couldn’t get the head to crown. It would come so far and be so close and then I’d run out of breath or energy. The midwife and hubby kept saying they could see the head and there was loads of dark hair. Eventually another midwife came in to help and they both decided to put me on an IV to strengthen the contractions and get baby’s head out. This made the pains even worse. My hubby was fantastic and so encouraging. I was shocked to see him looking down and giving full commentary. They gave me some gas and air and told me to push with all my might. They said they would need to intervene if I couldn’t do it as I had been pushing for sooooo long. I gave it all that I could and I looked down and saw head come out… all the hair!! Then I saw the body and said “it’s a girl, oh my God We have a daughter” I cannot explain how I felt at that precise moment. It was so surreal. :lvs :lvs :lvs :lvs :lvs We just cried and they put her up under my nightie and she just looked at us. She is gorgeous. It is so true what they say, for all the pain, I would do it again in a heartbeat. I had no stitches although have a tear inside which will heal naturally. She weighed 7lb 6.5oz and we called her Sophia. I had her on Saturday and because everything is going so well, they let me home yesterday. Our lives have changed so much and we are so thankful. I never imagined I could feel such love for someone or love my husband any more than I did, but I do… and he has given me this truly precious gift… :lvs :lvs :lvs Thank you all for reading this far. Told you it was long. :-8
roxychick Posts: 1802
Wow well done Poppit and thanks for sharing. Congrats on ur little girl. I love the name. It's all worth it isn't it. O-O O-O O-O
sinion Posts: 6050
bawling :weep Can't tell you how happy I am for you, it's been so long coming but she's finally here! Fantastic story, you did brilliantly, so completely delighted for you!
canuck Posts: 189
I am bawling too but so happy for Poppit! :o)ll A really positive birth story and one we'd all love to have. I really hope we all get there someday soon!! Can't wait to see a picture of Sophia.
sunnyside Posts: 3164
Congrats Poppit- birth stories always make me cry. Well done. Enjoy your beautiful daughter :lvs
MummyLuv Posts: 2478
Congrats again honey great birth story really loved reading it, u had me in floods and big big cuddles to ur gorgeous baby girl Sophia, I know how in love with her u r and am so thrilled for and DH :xxx :xxx :xxx [quote="Poppit":yls1oyc8] I was cursing Braxton Hicks at that stage and was so fed up. Poor hubby had to listen to me giving out about how come I couldn’t be normal, and get pains and go into labour instead of having practise pains for so many months… [/quote:yls1oyc8] Ah except u r not alone in the wreaking my head braxton hicks club, jesus am fit to swing at this stage .........bloody stupid slow labour O:| O:|
Mrs Aol Posts: 292
I am crying here reading your birth story, congrats to both you and hubbie on your new baby daughter sophia ( i love the name). Thank you so much for sharing your birth story with us...
hoping08 Posts: 526
I was following your posts over the last couple of weeks - I havent been posting much, but i just have to say many many congratulations to you & your DH . What a beautiful birth story and what a gorgeous name. Congratulations x
mummytime Posts: 3149
well done Poppit and congrtualtions to you and your dh. Beautiful name for a beautiful little girl!!
jarashow Posts: 3083
Congratulations Poppit !!! Fantastic story, fair play to you for doing the whole thing without pain relief... it can be done :o0