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wishing Posts: 69
Hi Girls, Am trying to pick girls names & just wondered would you be put off the more popular names like Katie, Ella, Eva, Sophie etc or would you just go with what you like despite popularity of names? Alot of people have said to me well pick a different name to the top ones but they are my favourites!!!! Thanks for advice:))
Mrs Mai Posts: 763
We have unusual names for our 3 dds but the boys name we've always had is very popular now. I'm disappointed that it's so common but I'll still use it if this baby is a boy. I obviously doesn't matter to loads of people. Will you mind if your daughter is know by her full name, Katie O'Brien etc to differentiate if there's a few Katies in her class? I think it depends how much you love the name.
Hoping42 Posts: 536
My little lady is Ava and I have to say I did consider not using it cos its so popular. I kept coming back to it though cos I really loved the name and when she was born I just thought sod it! I have an Irish name that is not very common and I have to say I have never found it beneficial having an unusual name. I always thought that if I had a little girl I would go with something nice and short and sweet, the opposite to mine!
LoveLife123 Posts: 2138
Yeah it defo puts me off - I always look at the Top 10 baby names lists and stuff like that and I wouldn't pick one of those (even though they are all lovely) coz I'd hate for the child to go to school and there be loads of other girls or boys in the same class or year with the same name. My own name is unusual so I will try to pick something not too common (but not strange either!!)
Flossie38 Posts: 653
I am going to avoid the top 50 names! I was one of 3 girls in my class with the same name & there were another 2 in the year (& that was in London, tho' we were all of Irish parents!) & it used really annoy me, so for bubs I would like an unusual name which isn't outlandish, just something that hopefully no-one else will pick, as I now live in a small village it better work!