Popular names when you were growing up..

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LilyBlue Posts: 279
While we are on the subject of names, what names were popular when you were growing up? My DH was christened John Paul with a really common surname. He had 6 John Paul’s in his class and 3 of them had the same surname as DH, confusing for the teacher I’d say! Needless to say he was born around the time of the Popes visit to Ireland! I think these names were very popular in our area when I was growing up Sarah Ciara Audrey Jennifer Linda Amanda Lisa Anthony William Alan Christopher Robert Shane David Edited to add Lisa
twinklegirl Posts: 716
When I was growing up these names were very common in the classroom. For Girls Elaine Sharon Caroline Laura For boys Michael Anthony John Paul
whackywoman Posts: 1496
for me this probably shows my age!!: girls: Mary Ann Margaret Sinead Susan/Suzy/Suzanne Boys: Paul Sean/John Michael
justme Posts: 1700
Girls Fiona Ciara Aisling Susan Boys Darren John Paul David Paul
weektee Posts: 468
i grew up in scotland so im sure they may be different... girls - Kirsten, Jennifer, Nicole, Elaine and Emma. boys - David, Craig, John, Euan and Gary. Looking at that now, I don't know many people here with any of those names. That may just be me though! xx
under construction Posts: 3458
Girls Susan Jennifer Carol Boys Michael John Paul Gerard
fantac Posts: 4109
we had 3 jennifers and 4 jonathans in our year at school.........
Bubba Bump Posts: 348
There were six Sarah's and four Emma's in my class O:| Girls Sarah Emma Caroline Jennifer Boys John Paul David James Mark
theoracle Posts: 7664
Coming from another country the names are different, but here we go: Girls: Renata Anita Stella Nives Ursula Boys: Goran (pronounced Gho-ran) Tom David Uwe
agie Posts: 1107
we had 3 Sarah's and 3 Yvonnes in my class in primary. as for boys think Paul was the most popular