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Oracle963 Posts: 8
Hi All, I just got my BFP and although it is still early days I’m hoping somebody can give me some information on Portunicla Hospital. Firstly I’m thinking of going private, does anybody know the consultancy fees? Also how long do you have to wait for first scan and is it quicker if you go private? Since this will be my second baby do they keep you for less time and not usual 3 days, that is presuming all goes ok? Thanks
hope80 Posts: 96
Hi oracle, firstly big congrats on your bfp. Im going private in portiuncula on my first, due in 3.5 wks :o)ll Im seeing dr monaghon & have found him brilliant so far, a very calm man who never seemd to be phased by anything. His fee is 2700. I know its a lot of money but has been worth every penny so far for me. Id be a worrier at the best of times. Had my first scan at 11.5 weeks then at 19, 27, 32, 35 & due back in again next week. All i can tell you about not going private is that my cousin didnt have her first scan till 16 weeks & then wasnt brought back till around 30 wks. She had her first child public too & had no complaints at all though. Best of luck :wv
ozzy08 Posts: 272
Hi Congrats on BFP. Cant really give you any info on going private but im going public under Dr,Brassil. I had my first scan at 12 weeks, then at 30 and my next will be 36 weeks. I met dr brassil and he scanned me at 12 wks and at 30 wks didnt meet dr.brassil. Best of luck, I know alot of people that are after having babies in ballinasloe recently and they have nothing but praise for the hospital. :)
marles Posts: 1397
I went private in Balliansloe and I was under Dr.Naveed,he was just brilliant.I always found him to be polite and helpful.He is really professional and answered all my questions and never made me feel silly for asking.His two nurses are so lovely too. He was there at the birth and checked in with us a lot even though all was good. We had lots of scans and my husband was with me for all of them,Dr. Naveed was great during all the scans really funny with my DH. He checks so much during the scans and spends lots of time with you. Also I was screened for gestational diabetes he does this as standard with all his patients. Friends of mine have had babies with both Dr. brassil and Dr. Monaghan,the only negative is Dr.Monaghan can at times be a little cold and direct,but I know people have had positive experiences with him. I can't remember the exact fees will look it up for you. I did get a private room,they were renovating the maternity wing recently and many rooms were closed,but they will be open again. I meant to add I was seen lots and had detailed scans.
BusyDee Posts: 8527
I sent you a pm :wv
lough08 Posts: 248
Hey, Congratulations! i'm going public with my first baby, due in 7 weeks :) I'm under Naveed met him at my first apt at 13 weeks where he scanned me. Got another scan at 21 weeks. I've been seen every 8 weeks by the hospital...only complaint i have about going public is you never know what doc your going to see, but that's what i get for not spending 3k on consultant fees so can't really complain! Not sure if i 'll get another scan. Everyone i know who went there is telling me i will so fingers crossed. Overall absolutely no problem...so far with ballinasloe...& there reputation is excellent. the nurses are so nice and most of the doc's are lovely too. i've been put on blood pressure tablets so they're keeping an i on me as wel. i also got the diabetes test. Hope that help :compress