Posh's new blonde hair

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bungle Posts: 23
:eek I think it rocks. Has anyone any views on it? Really tempted to go blonde myslef. Brown at minute.
ronni06 Posts: 1
Dont like it. She's weeeey hotter as a bru.
Mrs Lucy06 Posts: 929
I like it, thinks its suits her with her tan!!!! Lucy :o)ll
babyboom Posts: 294
Hi Bungle I really like it this time. She's got a nice shade of blonde where as before it was more of a yellow colour.
bucketofchips Posts: 1913
I don't like it - I think she looks like her husband now and in that pic below - just generally a bit too 'blokey' looking. I think it looks cheap and a bit 'scangery' too. http://offtherack.people.com/2007/02/vi ... eckha.html
MrsHappy* Posts: 2496
I really like it on her.
bucketofchips Posts: 1913
BTW girls - of you're watching ANTM DON'T - I REPEAT [b:32qcl0n0]DON'T [/b:32qcl0n0]click on the ANTM link on the right of that above linked page - it'll tell you straight away who the winner of season 7 is.
bungle Posts: 23
may be thats d key. a nice tan is needed to be a sultry blonde. i'm as pale as a milk bottle. don't fancy a fake tan cos worried it'll stain dress. had one before anyway and when you take clothes off you look like a lollipop cos it's not all over. any way round that?