Posh Spices Pu- erh slimming tea available

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LynnCarroll Posts: 1
[b:22fndgnb]Pu-erh Slimming Tea [/b:22fndgnb] [i:22fndgnb]Victoria Beckham's style is high maintenance but her latest secret weapon to keep trim is a fat busting tea loved by the Spanish A- List. Former Posh Spice Victoria buys Pu-erh Slimming tea from the Bormec store in Madrid. She drinks the tea when she wants to drop a few pounds or maintain her current slim build. A spokesman at the store told Now magazine;' We advised Victoria to drink Pu-erh three times a day for three months and watch the weight drop off. After three months, it is possible to maintain the desired weight by drinking one cup per day.' [/i:22fndgnb] I have been using this tea that Posh spice is advertising and found it great. I am back in my old clothes a while now despite having my second baby on 26th April. I was buying it in Therapie Spa in Molesworth street (who said they are the only people selling it in Ireland) but had a pain traveling into town every two weeks to put my name on the waiting list and then having to drive into town to pick up as soon as they said it was available - so I found a supplier in the uk and ordered a box of 40 boxes. I am selling this tea locally now and just wanted to let you know that if anyone is interested I am selling it for €20 a box (25 bags of tea). In town they are charging €20 for box of 18 bags (you use two tea bags a day). I regulalry post on rollercoaster and just thought some of you might be interested. My mobile number is 087 2790611 or you can PM me if you are interested. Lynn
Sunbeam Posts: 2721
Is this tea easy to drink? I'm fed up buying teas that taste like dirty dishwater. Is there a pleasant taste to the tea?
Frankie Posts: 1571
They sell it in "the haven" spa in Balbriggan as well as far as i know.
mad woman Posts: 22106
yeah what does it taste like??
flanders Posts: 119
it's a 'bit fishy' apparently. Yeuch.
AVENGER Posts: 4595
Like licking a tree! You can also get it on ebay for next to nothing.
bride. Posts: 3014
Somebody mentioned on the other post that you can buy this in the Oriental Emporium (behind Jervis St shopping centre Georges St Rathmines Road) for €2.30!! I bought a box on Saturday, have to say I'd feel like a right mug spending €20 on a box.