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feelsobad Posts: 693
HI girls I am 8 + 2 weeks and wondering how you all stay positive and not nervous that all will be ok. Had early scan and saw heartbeat which was great and have one on the 31st but time seems to be dragging and while I can't wait I am also nervous that all will be well. Keep checking boobs for re assurance! :wv How do you girls distract yourselves?
Sleep Monster Posts: 2829
I think it's very normal to be worrried, but I guess when you've had reassurance like an early scan, and you've seen the babies heartbeat, that you should feel more confident that everything is going to be just fine. I had an early scan too and I tried to remind myself of that experience when I got worried. I think if you see a heart beat at such an early stage that the risk of miscarriage are dramatically reduced. Try to focus on the positive, you're having a baby!! Enjoy every moment. Oh and sore boobs and symptoms can come and go, so try not to focus on them too much.
fantac Posts: 4109
poor you chloe - its easy to egt all worried isnt it - but a couple of my books said that positive state of mind is very important to baba so thats how i stay all positive! we've had lots of bleedig and a hairy few weeks, which has now settled down thank God - i just think i'd go nuts if i didnt think positive!
little mrs sunshine Posts: 5523
chloe I know exactly where you are coming from. I had early scan when I was 8+2 and saw healthy heartbeat which was a massvie relief. Gyne told us we had 95% chance that everything would be ok. He said the sac was a good size, dates were bang on and hearbeat was healthy. He told us to remain positive and that's all we could do. Time has dragged up until now (have scan tomorrow) but then again it hasn't. We are just bursting to tell rest of families (only my parents know) so that is what drags the time out too. I am so nervous about tomorrow's scan but have to keep saying to myself that everything was fine 4 weeks ago and I have been fine the past 4 weeks so please God we'll see our baby tomorrow for the first time. If all goes well for me tomorrow that should be good positive vibe for you to die you over the next few weeks also. :xxx