possible miscarriage

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maybe2011 Posts: 143
Hi girls, I'm 4 weeks 5 days by my own dates on baby no 1. Got BFP last friday. Woke up this morning with red blood on my PJ's. Went to the EPU this morning. They did a test and it was negative so they've taken blood. Have to ring tonight for results as the need to see if the pregnancy hormone is still in my body. Bleeding is getting heavier and has clot type in it and also AF cramps too. Think I could be having a miscarriage but the waiting game is the worst :( Say a little prayer but I feel it myself that the news won't be good.
Leigh Posts: 188
Hi maybe2011, im so sorry you're going through this, keeping my fingers crossed for you, i hope you hear soon to put your mind at ease, good luck, i hope things work out ok xx
happyfamily Posts: 3323
Oh i hope it's not bad news for you hon. Is there someone there with you today? The waiting is awful. Try to keep yourself busy today to keep your mind off it. Maybe treat yourself to a bit of shopping or get your fev dvds adn a whole heap of junk food and plant yourself on the couch. :action32
maybe2011 Posts: 143
Thanks girls.... :thnk DH is here with me so I'm relaxing on the couch watching tv. The waiting is the killer but sure if it's meant to be it will.
happyfamily Posts: 3323
Thats the best attitude to have. Now let yourslef be spoilt!
bubs2012 Posts: 521
Sorry to hear about that Maybe2011, fingers and toes crossed all will be fine.. Let us know how you get on :wv
LastRolo Posts: 6892
So sorry to hear that. Hope everything works out for you though. Fingers crossed :action32 :action32 :action32
mrsbf08 Posts: 164
You have an amazing attitude and you couldn't be in a better place at home with your DH. Will keep you in my thoughts hun and pray everything will be okay for you xxx
maybe2011 Posts: 143
Hi girls, Thanks for all your kind wishes. Well I rang the hospital and the bloods have confirmed that my clear blue digital was a false positive!! Even though it said the words pregnant 1-2 weeks this can actually happen. My HCG levels were less than 1 and the nurse said if I was pregnant in the last 2 weeks it would show up. What a rollercoaster few days I've had. Still baffled about the false positive but my journey continues. I wish all the best of luck in your pregnancies and hope to be joining you all again in the near future
ticketyboo Posts: 625
ah i'm sorry to hear that, can't believe you got a false positive!! hope you get your real bfp soon. hope you and your dh are ok xxx :babydust: x