Possible missed m/c - am I being paranoid?

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Wifey Wifey Posts: 198
Hi girls, I'm probably (& hoping) that I'm being completely paranoid here but have it in my head that I may possibly have had a missed m/c for a few reasons. Firstly, most of my pregnancy symyptoms like the all day sickness and sore boobs have almost though not completely disappeared since yesterday which was the first thing I thought was a bit weird seeing as I'm only 7 1/2 weeks so thought it a bit early for them to go. Then yesterday I did one a HPT and the second line was much fainter that it was a few weeks ago and then today did another one and its much fainter again which is what got me really worried. Dont have any bleeding or cramping which I had when I had a m/c in February. Was already in the EPU last week as started to get really bad pains but internal scan showed everything was perfect. Dont want to be running to the doctor every 5 mins when I get these notions so what do ye think? Perhaps the hormone levels at this stage have settled down so that the HPT lines arent as strong and symptoms are easing off? Its no wonder people think that pregnant women can be a bit crazy sometimes! Tnanks x
dreamer Posts: 3941
Hi wifeywifey, I know exactly what it can be like analysing every little fibre in your body but all I can say is try to relax. You might be sick as a pig again tomorrow! I know how difficult it is when you've had a mc and you can't stop thinking about everything. I am here moaning about my terrible constant 24 hour nausea but if I didn't have it tomorrow I would be thinking....feck, what does that mean? Have you got another scan scheduled soon?
theoracle Posts: 7664
It is hard once the seed of doubt has been planted to try and rationalise it away. All you have described is purely inconclusive, and really, unfortunately, only time will tell. I hope you can have a scan soon to put your mind at ease :action32
Wifey Wifey Posts: 198
Thanks for your replies. Unfortunately my next scan isnt until 20 weeks which is a long time away but have my next check up with GP in 2 weeks so will wait and see. I know its probably all in my head but of course cant stop worrying once I have this notion in my head. Hopefully all will be ok.
Emme Posts: 4735
I don't think there is any woman who is pregnant, especially with her first who doesn't at some stage worry about a missed miscarriage. I had never heard of them, I assumed that a miscarraige was instant with cramping and blood, not this secret scary thing that happens without any rhyme reason or sign. That being said as theoracle said if the seed of worry has been planted maybe you should go to your GP and ask them to check your bloods to see how the HCG levels are? If it's any comfort I had symptoms (other than tiredness) for 4 days and they started at 6w 4d and obviously then ended at 7 weeks 1 day! I went and bought a whole new wardrobe of bras I was so excited about going up a cup size...got 2 days use out of them!!! Anyway don't be worrying or obsessing over lines, go to GP or for a scan and put your mind at rest so you can enjoy!
Wifey Wifey Posts: 198
Thanks Emme, I've calmed down today and realised everything is probably just fine. Did a clearblue digital test and it was spot on so have decided that its all in my head. This isnt even my first pregnancy as already have a 2yr old DS but dont remember being this worried. Think after having a m/c earlier in the year, I've realised that it could happen again. A missed miscarriage happened to my friend recently where she had no bleeding or cramping but it was only diagnosed when she had her scan and the baby had stopped growing several weeks earlier. Will hold out until next GP visit in 2 weeks when she said she'd be able to check for the heartbeat at that stage. Thanks again!
perfectc Posts: 185
wifey wifey, i know it's hard not to worry, i think that's why people are doing early scans nowadays rather than waiting for the later scans. Glad you have calmed down, i do be up and down the whole time, it's my first to so i not sure what is normal and what isn't.