Possible Part of Mucus Plug? (24 weeks)

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beaneybaby Posts: 564
Girls I think I may have lost a bit of my mucus plug. I've read over Wifins post back in April but it doesn't sound quite as big as what she lost first. Maybe only the size of a euro coin (she describes hers as the size of a 2 euro) and not solid at all, more Gooey (sorry TMI :-8 ) Babs i moving well in there, giving me my usual thumping kicks. Should I just wait tonight and see if I lose any more? Thanks, Beaneybaby
August Rush Posts: 10
Hi there, I'm not sure didn't want to view and not reply to you. Maybe you should give your hospital / GP a call and explain the same thing to them and see what their advise is. Hope you are ok.
Mamaboom Posts: 2094
Ring your maternity unit and see what they say, if it was me I'd go in. Good luck!
wifin Posts: 4761
I'd give them a call just to be sure :lvs This sounds gross but if you could bring in a sample of it they'd appreciate it! I was told to keep anything weird that came out :o0 Was there blood tinged in the mucus?
Rocket Queen Posts: 7381
Ring your hospial just in case. Are you sure it was the plug (apologies for asking), just I know I've been passing a lot of euro size coins of mucus all the way through pregnancy and I always assumed it was just thick CM? It's always been pure white, maybe a little translucent but never pink or any other colour.
beaneybaby Posts: 564
Thanks girls for the replies, :lvs Have had nothing else so might leave it till the morning, I'm up early for work (up at 5:45 :ooh ) So if theres anything else I'll ring the midwives straight away. I work near holles street so would be closeby anyway. Thanks for the reply Wifin, no there was no blood which was good. But just reading back over your post had me a little worried! Still though glad to see you're still going strong (best of luck by the way, it probably won't be long) Baby is moving away as normal anyhow. So shes keeping me from getting too worried. RQ, not sure at all, have zero experience I'm afraid but haven't had anything like it so far in pregnancy. Which is why I thought it might be part of the plug. Having googled it (I know VERY dnagerous) I see that some people loose part of it after DTD and all sorts so not going to stress out unless I see something else. Thanks again girls, I'm off to bed soon so fingers crossed it was just a once off!
cosy days Posts: 1014
Beaneybaby, let us know how you get on, hopefully it's nothing to worry about :action32
beaneybaby Posts: 564
Girls, thought I'd reply before I left for work. All is well, nothing else to report so I'm thinking it was like RQ said. I'll monitor closely though just in case. & babs had me awake at 3:30 with kicking so she seems nice and comfy in there. Thanks again for the replies! :thnk
cosy days Posts: 1014
That's great, glad all is well xx
sparklybabe Posts: 3353
id say from how you are discribing its increased mucous discharge this is normal hun