possible pregnancy? maybe tmi!

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first-timer Posts: 463
Ok so I had my baby last September. Started pill randomly at babies 6 week check up (mid nov) as doc told me i didnt need to wait until period to take it. so i took it for a few months. had a period on 17th March due to the 7 day break from the pill so it wasn't a real one. Didn't take the pill after that and haven't had any period since. had all protected sex but as i am always regular every 31 days i took some tests just to make sure i wasn't pregnant. they were all negative. that was about 3 weeks ago. last nite tho me and Oh were DTD and we used protection for the first time but the second time we didn't but he did pull out just before he came. so most of his stuff went elsewhere. but then we just continued on a few seconds later. is that dangerous? haven't had a real period since having baby coz of taking the pill those few months so no idea if and when i ovulate. do you think there is much of a chance that i could get pregnant? thanks girls.
Emomc Posts: 2069
Guess it depends on where you are in your cycle. But considering the withdrawal method is not an effective form of contraception-YES!