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Babybaby13 Posts: 7
Hi girls, had my AF on June 4th. We DTD On the 8, 9 and 12th of june which were days 5, 6 and 9 of cycle. My normal cycle is about 34 days but somestimes can go to 38/39 days. Last month was 38 days. Anyhow, boobs felt a bit tender this morning so i decided to do a test thinking nothing of it but it came up positive, did a 2nd one and Again it was positive. Is it possible to get pregnant on day 9 considering my cycle is normally so long? I'm in shock here. (Wasn't planning on having a baby so soon (have 2 babas already). Don't want to be getting my hopes up! Not due AF until Wednesday so I'll probably hold off til then before testing again!! What are the chances of a false positive??
jewellb Posts: 2389
If 2 test are positive you are pregnant and maybe ov'd early? but I would test again When you AF is due just incase it is chemical pregnancy not saying it is but that's the one crap thing about early tests is AF can show up on time !! Dont want to worry you, I really hope the outcome is what you wish for!!
Teapot30 Posts: 32
I had a 45 day cycle and conceived around day 9 of my cycle.I couldn't understand as I always assumed I ovulated late because of the long cycle.So it is very possible that you could be pg! Within a few days I just knew I was pg as I had sore boobs,something that never happened to me until a couple of days before period. I did a test about 4 days before AF and it was negative.So I waited until the day my period was due and retested getting a bfp. Hang in there for another bit.I know it can be frustrating as you have this NEED to know.Best of luck, fingers crossed that it will be good news.
The Blue Sylph Posts: 397
Sometimes women can spontaneously ovulate, so not at your usual ovulation time in your cycle, like an extra egg is released. There could be different reasons for it I think - getting older being one of them, as your body releases more eggs in a last ditch attempt to get pregnant. That's why there's more chance of having twins as you get older too as you might release more than 1 egg at a time! Or I think if your ovaries were stimulated during a sexy massage you could spontaneously ovulate then too. One of my friends got pregnant outside her usual ovulation time and thinks it was that!
Babybaby13 Posts: 7
Tested again today and got another positive so I'm taking it now that I really am pregnant!! Tiredness is starting to kick in, really hope the nausea stays away this time round. Was quite sick the last time round and ended up in hospital for a few days on a drip. Hope this baby goes easy on me!!