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b-fly Posts: 17
Hi all, would like some advice!! Am planning on getting married December 28th 2011. (the day before December 27th, will be a public holiday due to Christmas Day falling on a Sunday). Has anyone got any experience of this? My queries are - were there any problems with suppliers? Did guests have problems getting blow drys or upstyles as I am sure most salons will still be closed? Can I still do Christmas themed wedding or would people be sick of the sight of Christmas decorations! Any tips or advice most welcome!
FinallyMrsH Posts: 358
B-fly, We're getting married on the 28th Dec this year and its a Bank Holiday. I don't think any of the girls are having problems with hairdressers, once a gang go together the hairdressers in my area will open for an hour or two. It's all money at the minute. I'd had no problem getting any suppliers on that day. My plan is to have all done by the 23rd, and just drop the stuff to hotel on 27th as the hotel is closed on 26th. My beautican is coming to the wedding and is doing some stuff on 26th Dec ie waxing and tinting, and nails and tan on 27th and then make up and eye lashes on the day! My theme is still Christmas, snowflakes and crackers on the tables. I say go for it.
b-fly Posts: 17
thanks so much for the reply. feel alot better now knowing all of that. My beautician will be coming also so will speak with her and see can I arrange same. best of luck with the wedding! O-O
miss_g Posts: 87
We're getting married 2 Jan 2012 which is the New Year's Day Bank Holiday and haven't had any trouble at all with getting suppliers. We aren't having a Christmas theme though because it is that little bit too far past Christmas.
Cinnabon Posts: 2626
I was at a wedding years ago on 28th December and it was a great time and had no issues with anything and neither did the couple getting married. One thing I would suggest is don't have turkey & ham as the meal - we were so thankful when this couple didn't have it as their meal as we all sick of it at that stage!
b-fly Posts: 17
dead right, definitely no turkey and ham! thanks for the replies!
runaway-bride Posts: 4
We're also aiming for 28th Dec. I'll be staying in the hotel the night before. Do you think it would be hard to get hairdressers beauticians etc to come to the hotel on the day? And, is it best to have last-minute stuff done by Dec23rd or 24th rather than 27th? (I'm notoriously last minute) defo staying clear of turkey and ham!
Hbombadero Posts: 1960
Also a BM for a wedding in late December next year and bride has been told to get all organised before 20th December as everyone is busy Christmas week. My cousin got married that day last year and other than bad weather she had no problems. She advised bride to ring all suppliers to confirm in early December and she said to book your beautician and hairdresser really far in advance. If you are worried about your guests getting hair done etc maybe contact a few local salons and ask if they will be open, tell them if they are open you will mention them in your invitation information. I doubt you will have any problems.
gemggem Posts: 270
Hiya We're getting married next Thurs - 30th, no problems at all with suppliers. Only problem we do have is the weather but fingers crossed til will be ok on the day.
bridesmaidzilla Posts: 1859
Just to add, we're going to a wedding on Monday (27th) and as a guest its great to have something to look forward to after Stephen's Day!HTH :wv