Post Natal baby Care & injections

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annabella Posts: 190
ok i have a question for you all. my GP no longer does post natal baby care i.e. she doesn't like giving the injections to babies so has resigned from that part of the care so i need to find another GP and register with them for when baby comes. She said if i can go to her after baby is born for check ups etc but she can;t do injections. instead of me having to find another doctor, can they do these injections in the baby clinic in Coombe i.e. heel prick/BCG etc.???? if its the case that they do them in the coombe then i will just bring baba there instead of finding a new doc. Anyone help?
charli Posts: 5994
i know some GP practices wouldnt have a nurse onsite to do this stuff but then the GP him/herself would do it the heel prick will be done in hospital the BCG will be done in your local health centre HSE but the 6in1 at 2/4/6 months and the MMR are always done in GP surgery so i dont know where you would go here im sorry im not much help but just wanted to say that at least the first 2 are covered, id imagine its for the PHN from the HSE to advise from there where to get the 6in1's - the PHN either visits at home once or notifies you of her child welfare clinic via post - surely she will advise as to other arrangements you can make
Aqua Posts: 198
Does anyone have a link to the various shots the baby is entitled to over the coming months?
annabella Posts: 190
heycharli thanks for the reply. Maybe i'll just ask at the Coombe when i am back in 2 weeks midwive should be able to help. Altho i suppose it will be better in the long run to register with a new doctor near home anyway for baby.