Post pregnancy piles

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wobbler Posts: 300
Can anyone help me, I've developed external piles and they are agony :o( I'm really struggling. I took a Ponston that I was given for the pain after having the baby, which I didn't need. It's soo hard to feed my daughter cos sitting down is agony. Should I go to my doctor or will I just keep using Prep H and Anousol (sp).
rushinbride Posts: 1097
I had external piles when I was pregnant with DS1 but they eased off literally days after the birth, how old is your baby?? Had you them before she was born?? Or have they developed after? Go to your GP, the creams aren't that much good on the external ones (imo) gp can push it back into position (sounds so much worse than it is!!) but they can give you decent pain relief as well... Seriously go won't be able to enjoy the smallest of things with your baby because of the pain it causes...they are horrible...hope its sorted soon for ya :thnk
mamabelle Posts: 1101
Have you tried one of those donut shaped cushions - or something like the link below... ... 1&mcb=core Might take the pressure off the area.
theoracle Posts: 7664
I have had to use anusol when pregnant, but was told that all the real potent stuff is only available on prescription from GP, anusol only helps with mild cases (according to my pharmacist who herself suffered greatly so she told me).