Post section tummy- how to get it flat again?

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im waiting Posts: 2727
I've had 2 sections so I suppose my chances of it getting back to normal are quite slim but is their anything I can do! Thankfully it isn't too bad but obviously I'll alwYs have that "hang-over" of skin if I can call it that. Does anyone know if it's at all possible to get it properly flat or toned?
TAZ DEVIL Posts: 1706
i would love to know this too!!!!!! i started (half heartedly!) to shift this overhang today. i had boys 7 weeks ago so its time :o0
Xxcitedwife Posts: 835
god i would LOVE to know- tazd my twins are 2 in 2weeks time and im sorry to say my post section flab is still there...............well i must add that i havnt done a thing to shift it :innocent: : :o0
TAZ DEVIL Posts: 1706
xxcitedbride i was still struggling with baby weight from dd before i got pregnant... shes 9 years old :innocent: :o0 :o0