Posterior cervix?!

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so_clear Posts: 397
Anyone know if having a posterior cervix can effect your chances of TTC. The nurse told me that I had one during my last smear and I never thought to ask if that was a bad thing... Thanks in advance! *)
madmam Posts: 1294
I can't imagine it effecting your chances at all...I'm no expert, but as long as the little swimmers get in there, thats all that matters! Sorry I can't be of any more help... *)
jellybaby Posts: 2316
so_clear, this won't affect ttc at all. I have a posterior cervix and we conceived relatively easily. It was when it came to the birth that I had the problems. Even though my cervix dilated well during labour, baby's head wasn't fully engaged when I was dilating, so I guess that made it a bit harder for her to get out. She was a big baby so they tried a forceps delivery, but because of my cervix position, they couldn't get a grip on her. Ended up being cut, and having one failed vacuum attempt, before finally getting her out by vacuum. That said though, this can happen to anyone, regardless of cervix position, and I'm glad it went that way, rather than needing a section. I was sore for a few weeks, but again, most women are sore afterwards anyway. Sorry for rambling there, but the answer to the question you actually asked :-8 :o0, is no, cervix position won't affect ttc.....
so_clear Posts: 397
Hi Jellybaby, Thanks a million for your response. It's such a relief to hear that it won't affect TTC and I guess that forewarned is forearmed when it comes to giving birth. Your daughter is absolutely beautiful, so fingers crossed I'll be fortunate enough to have a little cutie like that some day. Thanks again :thnk