Postnatal depression

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AnyHopeLeft Posts: 310
Hi girls - Have already posted here earlier asking about something else but just wondering how many of you suffered postnatal depression and how did ye combat it. Is there anything that can be done to ward it off. On my first baby I suffered delayed postnatal depression and it was frightening. Just because I got it the first time does that mean I will get it the second time? Also around this time my mam was dying too so I think that was a major factor to the depression being so bad. I was diagnosed the posnatal depression though. I'd hate to get this again because it does get in the way of you trying to bond with you baby and enjoying the lovely time of getting to know your baba. My depression lasted nearly a year and didn't hit until approx 3 mths after I had my little one.
mrs sarah c Posts: 522
Hi there, just because you had it once doesn't mean you will def get it again.It was probably related to stress over your mum as well.I don't really have any advice but might have some practical advice.I aske da woman I know who had it and she advised"keeping busy!""get out of the house etc!".She didn't get it on her 2nd,possibly just lucky? Anyway best of luck xx
summer daisy Posts: 1336
Hi Sniggywig A friend of mine who suffered postnatal depression on her first baby did not suffer at all on her second or third baby. There is no reason why you should suffer again with your next baby. I was lucky enough not to have suffered from postnatal depression but I have seen first hand how tough it can be. I really feel for you for going through this before and I can understand that you are concerned that it might happen again. However, make sure your doctor and midwives are aware of your history too cos they can monitor you more closely.. Hugs to you, sorry that I cannot be more help!! Summer
AnyHopeLeft Posts: 310
Thanks girls. That's reassuring to know that I might not get it the next time. It's just that on your first pregnancy you are blind going into it all. You are non the wiser to all the changes that are happening. With me planning our second baby, I'm relating to all these things that happened in my first pregnancy and am wondering what if this and what if that. Just being typical me and worrying. I better stop or else I'll put myself off having our second baby. :o0 Suppose the thing is to keep busy either walking, getting out in the car, going down town for coffee etc etc. Thanks girls. :thnk