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sonopotere Posts: 1124
Anyone else a major fan? Used to look all the time, then forgot bout it and have recently started looking again. I think its so original and good to see how people all over the world are thinking. check it out if ya havent seen it yet! he puts new ones up every sunday
Mrs Mia Wallace Posts: 869
Thanks for posting that, I really enjoyed reading them and have added to my favourites.
daisy08 Posts: 41
Love it! Some weeks are better than others. I put up the link for it before but got a strange response. Glad to see someone else thinks it's great. And you never know whose secrets you're reading......... >:o)
mmgirish Posts: 617
I love that site, I always read it on a Sunday
MrsBlues Posts: 5170
What a great site! The one about reading obituaries brought a tear to my eye.