posture during pregnancy

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sue ellen Posts: 45
Hi ladies, bit of a silly question here I guess. But is anyone else having difficulty holding in their stomach muscles while pregnant? I am 17 weeks today, and don't really have a bump, but am felein quilty tha tI am walking around all the time letting my tummy hang out, well you know I dont tense my tummy muscles. Should I be holding it tight all the time? Its hard to do so as it makes me feel sick But any of the info I have read on having the right posture it says you have to hold your tummy muscles in. I am worried that I am damaging my back by not holding my tummy tight but it makes me queasy! Any one any experience of this? What do ye do? Do ye hold your tummy in at this early stage? Thanks! SE
McMummy Posts: 1041
Hey SE, we're almost twins I'm 17 weeks tomorrow I know what you mean about your belly hanging out I'm the same and sometimes it feels I am stretching my tummy muscles but I'm not sure I can hold it in. I read somewhere that you should get support knickers to keep your muscles supported but I'm like you, anything tight on my tummy or trying to hold it in makes me feel sick. I think if you don't slouch and sit with your two feet flat on the floor and wear low heels that should go towards supporting your back. I also sit with a low cushion at my back which helps.
Dairy Queen Posts: 3707
I just let it all hang out!!!!! Was trying to hold it in but so uncomfortable. Plus you would be worn out after just five minutes.