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Ms HP Posts: 617
Hi girls do you use powder over foundation and if so which one?
missbridie2b Posts: 183
I use MAC pressed blot powder. It's great for keeping your face shine free and holds your foundation really well. It's light weight and colourless which means you can top up through the day/night over your foundation without out looking like a cake faced Oompa Loompa! My makeup artist swears by it.
Ms HP Posts: 617
Thanks for that missbridie2b. Do you use mac foundation also, just being curious. I am using clinique and like but think there's better out there maybe!
missbridie2b Posts: 183
Hi Ms HP. Yes, I use MAC foundation too. I am a bit of a make up junkie and have tried everything over the years and MAC would be top of the list for me. It's a professional studio make up so you can't go too wrong. I use their ''Studio Fix' foundation but obviously they have others, it just depends on the type of coverage you're looking for.
secretbridie Posts: 359
+1 onthe MAC powder. I find it fantastic. I use it over the MAC face & body foundation, but it works great over any of them. My sister is a MUA & uses it on almost everyone!
Annajoly123 Posts: 601
Hi, I use a powder over my foundation as I have oily skin. If you have dry skin you won't need it. I use a MAC full coverage foundation and I have used their mineralised finish powder for years but it has dried out to much so I had to throw it out! I have two powders that I know use depending on my mood!! 'Catrice' have a really nice finishing powder for less than 5 euro I think & you would never think it! The packaging is lovely. The other one I use is a Translucent powder which I got when I was studying Make Up artistry & is their own brand. But I find the translucent great as it just powders the face without adding a colour.
daffodilbaby Posts: 916
Yes always. Im a qualified make up artist and trained to always apply to reduce shine and make foundation last longer. Id never use a coloured powder tho as this adds colour and looks unnatural if applied through out the day. Always use a transclent powder which adds no colour. Mac prep & prime is fantastic but for day to day use a good cheapie is Catrice
Ms HP Posts: 617
Girls only seeing replies now thanks again already googling Catrice!!
Ms HP Posts: 617
Girls where can I purchase catrice powder?
izzie123 Posts: 235
You'll get Catrice in the chemist, it's in my two small local chemists. I use their foundation for everyday use, and its excellent considering its approx €5.99 !! I'll be getting some next week, so if you cant find it anywhere, I can get for you & pop in the post.