Powerscourt Hotel

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xxMrsC2Bexx Posts: 3
Considering this hotel as a wedding venue - has anyone any experience or feedback?
mrsmoo2202 Posts: 1930
Are your poking to have it in the Ritz Carlton or Powerscourt House?
xxMrsC2Bexx Posts: 3
In the Hotel itself - the (former) Ritz Carlton.
mrsmoo2202 Posts: 1930
Only have experience with the house so I'm no help, sorry!
Smilinmaz Posts: 446
I was at a wedding there and looked at it for mine. The food was fantastic but I wasn't keen on the room. It's in the basement and has no windows, there is a courtyard opposite it where they do the reception drinks and it is lovely. I just don't like hotels that stick you away in another section or down in a basement as I feel they are almost saying stay away down there and don't be annoying us in the hotel. I think when you are paying that money you shouldn't feel pushed aside. Maybe that's only me though! Couldn't fault the service or food on the day.
xxMrsC2Bexx Posts: 3
That's great - thanks for the reply! Good to hear good things about the food at least! I love the garden attached but my main issues are (if you're paying that much money!) the ugly carpet, ugly wallpaper and no natural light or windows in the function room! But, as a whole, I love the hotel and surroundings! I guess we'll shop around a bit more just to be sure!
ShinyBride Posts: 418
Really like the hotel and considered it for our wedding, but we didn't like the room - basement, no windows, low ceiling, etc and the prices were huge! Also, thought it would be very expensive for guests to stay. It's a beautiful area though and very well kept hotel. The toilets are the nicest of any hotel I've been in!
bridemojo Posts: 8
[quote="mrsmoo2202":35ejy30h]Only have experience with the house so I'm no help, sorry![/quote:35ejy30h] Hi there What was your experience with the house ? Many thanks x
weddingtastic2016 Posts: 22
We didn't like the hotel in terms of venue - felt function room was old fashioned and dark and you miss all the nice parts of the estate. The house is beautiful and we were ready to book but hotel became tricky to deal with so we gave up in the end. Wasn't worth the stress. There is a catering company who also do weddings at the House but you may find the hotel is not will to reserve you many rooms if you use the caterers.