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Samsonite Posts: 1
Hello, I hope this is the correct forum! I have just got engaged and begun searching for a venue and this website has been so useful! I think I have fallen in love with Powerscourt House :lvs and was just wondering if anybody has any experience of the venue etc. The setting is fabulous and expensive so any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thanks girls :)
bridey135 Posts: 66
HI, I've really liked Powerscourt House & its been recently been taken over by a catering company... I got quotes off them and they are really really expensive O:| Even if we could stretch to the price per head the menu offered I felt wasn't what we would be paying for- we seem to be paying top dollar for no choice on the menu and for meat like chicken rather than beef. I did a fair bit of pricing on other private venues with catering companies and the company running powerscourt house are by far the most expensive caterer I could find( even compared to Dublin city centre private venues !!!0 . We just couldn't stretch to the menu price for the meal we wanted, the venue fee and then the cost of bedrooms as unlike other places everything is additional to your meal costs - which is a shame Can't take from the venue it is amazing.... and if you can afford it - go 4 it...! :o)ll
Réalta Posts: 226
Congrats on your engagement!!!! Welcome to WOL :wv Powerscourt is lovely but expensive. We looked at it but didn't like that there's no accomodation for guests so a transfer to a hotel might kill the atmosphere. Enjoy every second of being engaged! :o)ll I recommend a good filofax to keep everything in one place! great for keeping suppliers numbers and the diary is good for keeping track of when you're meeting different people or when wedding fairs are on1
americanpie Posts: 16
hmmm i booked powerscourt house to be catered with the ritz carlton in 2008 for my wedding this year. the ritz menus are fantastic,so much choice.pricey but as we are big foodies we can just about justify it! i wonder why powerscourt terminated their contract with them?
bridey135 Posts: 66
Hi Americanpie I think the new crowd just got the contract for the house. How are the plans going ... you must be really excited venue is amazing :o)ll just PM's u
mpn123 Posts: 3
Hi girls... I am in the process of booking the ritz for my wedding but initially wanted powerscourt house cuz it reminded me of home. You know, the sugarloaf and all! I went to the ritz as well when i went to see powerscourt house and my mind changed swfitly to the Hotel! They still do the business events in the House apparently but stopped weddings so that they could concentrate on the hotel for weddings. That might explain why the caters i there now are so expensive cuz the venue itself charges high rental or something? A friend of my brothers used to work for the catering company that was i there before the ritz and the rent that the landlords of the house charged them was outrageous apparently. Anyway, you should check out the ritz cuz its great and actually more reasonable than powercourt house. Best of luck!
gotcha Posts: 334
Powerscourt house is a beautiful venue, we have had the pleasure of decorating a number of weddings there, as with above posts i understand that it may be slightly expensive but the day that you have will be unforgettable. best of luck in the planning process {ailish} {gotcha}